Best answer: Should I buy Prospector Star Citizen?

The prospector is also a great way to earn yourself money in-game. Especially if you are starting because you start with virtually no gear and no good components for your ships so even if you wanted to make money with let’s say dogfighting it’s going to take you a while to get everything you need to be effective at it.

How much does a prospector cost Star Citizen?


Production state Flight ready Introduced in Alpha 3.0
Buy 2,061,000 aUEC
Rent (1 day) 41,220 aUEC / 20,610 REC

How much is the mole in game?


Original US$275
Availability Always available
Length 45 m

Can you solo an Argo mole?

The MOLE is designed to be a multi-crew ship and though it can theoretically operate solo, it’s not particularly effective.

How much is the Gladius Star Citizen?


Cargo capacity 0 SCU
Production state Flight ready Flyable release Star Citizen Patch V1.1.0
Buy 1,169,900 aUEC

Which ships can carry a ROC?

This single seat vehicle is small enough to be transported in ships such as the Cutlass Black, Freelancer, Mercury Star Runner, and Valkyrie, allowing it to be easily transported around the surfaces of planets and moons.

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