Frequent question: How do you Laythe in KSP?

How can I get Laythe?

Once you enter Laythe’s Sphere of Influence, wait until you reach Laythe periapsis and burn retrograde until you have an orbit around the moon. If you’re feeling adventurous (or low on fuel), try aerobraking here as well. Congrats, you’ve made it into Laythe orbit!

Is there life on Laythe?

Laythe has been suspected by many Kerbal Astronomers to host life. … There is a possibility of life due to the oxygen present in the atmosphere, as oxygen can’t exist for long periods of time without being replenished.

Is Laythe habitable KSP?

Laythe wouldn’t be, irl, even if you scaled it. But it is in ksp, because of kerble logic.

How do you install unbound galaxies?

How to install Galaxies Unbound: A Stellar Odyssey

  1. Start with a clean 1.11 or 1.12 KSP version. ( …
  2. Download Kopernicus. …
  3. Download Galaxies Unbound: A Stellar Odyssey via the link(s) posted above. …
  4. Drop the ‘GU’-folder(s) in your GameData-folder. …
  5. Download Eve-Redux/Eve and/-or Scatterer for visuals.

How do I get to JOOL in KSP?

Play with the prograde and retrograde vectors a bit until you see the arrows. If you get the two white arrows close enough to each other, you will get an encounter with Jool. If you cannot get an encounter, try moving your maneuver node around a little bit. Once you complete the burn, you will be on a course to Jool!

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How do you land on land on Laythe?

Use the wings to get to land, then use parachutes and engines to land with the standard landing approach. Getting into orbit is a lot simpler: the same approach as Kerbin, but account for the smaller mass of Laythe and its lower atmosphere.

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