How do I delete maneuver nodes in KSP?

How do I delete maneuvers in KSP?

You can click on the ring part of the node and drag it off of your orbit.

How do you delete Quicksaves in KSP?

In Windows, just hit Alt-Ctrl-Del and bring up the task manager, select ksp.exe from the processes tab and click on “End Task”, this will kill the game. Restart the game and load your mission, then you will be at the point where your game last autosaved, before you did the quickload.

How do you delete parts in KSP PC?

The Cursor preset uses Circle/B button to delete parts. It’s basicaly the FT’s version control preset with a few changes. Drag it to the left side (where the part selection is) and release it, same as PC. Leaving them around is also acceptable; they won’t be saved with the rest of the ship.

How do you unlock maneuvers in KSP?

You have to upgrade 2 buildings: the tracking station (to level 2) and the mission control (to level 2). Just one by itself is not enough. If you upgrade mission control without the tracking station, you’ll see a message telling you that “flight planning” is not available until the tracking station is upgraded.

How do I quickly load KSP?

To QuickSave a game, press the F5 key on the keyboard. This will save make a save of the game. To load that save, press the F9 key on the keyboard. This will load the last QuickSave saved on the computer.

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How do I launch KSP?

Click on the launch pad near the upper-right of your screen. You’ll know you’ve selected the launch pad because it says Launch Pad in the lower-left corner of your screen. Click once on Kerbal 2 (Stock). The “Stock” label means it’s one of the game’s premade rockets.

How do you fly in Kerbal space program XBOX one?

Kerbal Space Program Xbox Controls – Flight General Help

  1. Toggle Flight Control Mode = LB/RB + Tap Y.
  2. Toggle Status Screen Long = Tap Menu.
  3. SAS Hold = Long Tap B.
  4. SAS Toggle = Tap B.
  5. Toggle Rotation/Line Mode (Docking Mode) = Tap A.
  6. Advance Stage (Stage Mode) = Tap A.
  7. Toggle Nav Ball = LB/RB + Long Tap X.
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