How do you activate mining lasers in elite dangerous?

Check your right hand panel, under fire groups – you need to assign your mining lasers to a fire group, then you can use them like your normal weapons (they don’t do almost any damage, don’t get any bright ideas to attempt using them in combat).

How do you switch to a mining laser?

The Mining Laser is a powerful mining tool, as well as a ranged weapon, with multiple firing modes for various purposes. To change the firing mode, hold down “M” and right click. The different modes include Mining, Low Focus, Long Range, Scatter, Explosive, Horizontal and Super Heat.

Can you laser Mine Ltd elite dangerous?

Can you successfully laser mine LTD in the same way as Painite. Yes!!! It’s very profitable just as painite go to Borann A2 and you’ll find a triple LTD Hotspot.

Can you laser mine low temperature diamonds?

By forming a wing and laser mining either Painite or Low-Temperature Diamonds when using a large-class ship, such as the Type-9 or Imperial Cutter you can earn a rather substantial 240M credits per hour when you include the 5% you’ll earn as each of your wingmates sells their cargo.

Is mining profitable elite dangerous?

Mining is the number-one way to make money in Elite Dangerous. There is no other activity that comes close to the potential profits of a long mining session, so buckle up, get your mining lasers ready, and start blasting those asteroids.

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How do you make a laser drill faster in FTB?

To set up, align the Drill above this shaft and energise it using up to 4 Laser Drill Precharger, a rotating power beam to the Precharger and down to the bedrock will appear when ready or solid block.

Laser Drill
Stackable Yes (64)
Blast Resistance 2.5
Hardness 0.5
Solid Yes

What is the best thing to mine in Elite Dangerous?

You are looking for the most valuable of the following materials:

  • Grandidierite.
  • Low Temperature Diamonds (Icy rings only)
  • Monazite.
  • Musgravite.
  • Painite.
  • Rhodplumsite.
  • Serendibite.
  • Void Opals (Icy rings only)

What is the best ship for mining in Elite Dangerous?


  • A great choice for new miners is the Cobra MkIII, due to the size of its cargo hold, internal compartments, and its maneuverability. …
  • The Adder is the earliest ship capable of efficient mining, as it can equip three mining lasers, as well as being the earliest deep core mining ship as it has one Class 2 hardpoint.
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