How do you increase EMS in Mass Effect 3?

EMS is increased by collecting War Assets throughout the game by completing missions, side quests, and mining. There are more than enough points available to get the Perfect Ending in the game (I did and so have many of my friends). Doing some multiplayer will help you quickly get the 5000 EMS required as well.

How do I get more EMS?

To get your EMS as high as possible, you’ll want to complete every quest offered, and talk to as many people as possible. Taking to people, especially people on the Citadel, can unlock new quests.

How do you get 7800 military strength?

To achieve the Perfect Ending in Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition, Shepard needs 7800 Total Military Strength or higher.

These are:

  1. Complete as many side missions as possible.
  2. Save lives/spare innocents whenever possible.
  3. Scan planets and complete mineral quests throughout the trilogy.

What is the maximum military strength in Mass Effect 3?

You’ll need to be a completionist to do this, but not absolutely – the maximum military strength you can get in Legendary Edition is around 8600.

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Why is EMT salary so low?

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What do EMT make an hour?

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What happens in Mass Effect 3 if Shepard dies in 2?

Mass Effect 3, as with the rest of the trilogy, is Shepard’s story. If you have a dead Shepard at the end of Mass Effect 2, that saved game won’t import into Mass Effect 3. You can play Mass Effect 3 if you died in Mass Effect 2 of course, but you’ll have to create a new Shepard.

What is the best ending in Mass Effect 3?

The one critical thing to getting the best ending in ME3 is the War Assets mechanic. If you get enough war assets before your final battle against the Reapers, Commander Shepard lives, and the trilogy ends on a happier note.

Can you survive Mass Effect 3?

The possible endings to Mass Effect 3 are: Destroy (Red): Shepard can destroy the Reapers, but this will also destroy all synthetic life in the galaxy, including the geth, EDI, and even Shepard’s cybernetics. … With this option, Earth survives, and Shepard’s squad survives and are synthesized.

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Will there be a Mass Effect 4 with Shepard?

Mass Effect 4 looks like it’s bringing back Commander Shepard, which will be a welcome return to many fans of the franchise. If not, BioWare will likely face questions over a moment in the upcoming game’s trailer where fan-favorite companion Liara uncovers a piece of Shepard’s N7 armor.

How do you get the secret ending in Mass Effect 3?

In order to get the absolute perfect ending and unlock the secret ending showing the survival of Commander Shepard, you must:

  1. Reach 5000 Effective Military Strength (EMS) NOT 5000 Total Military Strength.
  2. You must also choose to DESTROY the Reapers (NOT synthesis or control).

How much EMS does a Shepard need to live?

To make sure Shepard lives in Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition, you need to choose the Red Destruction ending with at least 7800 TMS. In the original Mass Effect 3, you can achieve this ending with just 3100 EMS.

Can Shepard survive ME3 without multiplayer?

Re: How to survive(Shepard)without playing multiplayer? Make sure no one dies in the Suicide Mission (this unlocks more sidemissions). Wrex surviving ME1 is a bonus. Make all the right choices in ME2 and ME3 to ensure the quarians AND the geth survive.

Can Anderson survive ME3?

He will not live. Galaxy Readiness has nothing to do with Shepard or Anderson lives. It just help boost up the amount of military strength you have for the Final Battle.

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