How much is mass effect Andromeda on PSN?

Historical high price $39.99 Historical low price $39.99 $39.99
Publisher Electronic Arts Inc Age limit 17+

Is Mass Effect Andromeda free on PS4?

Mass Effect: Andromeda is now free to play, for the first ten hours or until you enter its first vault. You’ll need an EA Origin account but other than that all you need to do if go here and choose your platform from PS4, Xbox One or PC.

How much did Mass Effect Andromeda cost?

Mass Effect: Andromeda required a team of over 200 developers and, as reported by the Edmonton Journal, was given a total budget of C$100 million, which included marketing and research costs.

Is Mass Effect Andromeda free?

Mass Effect: Andromeda Now Available For Free Through EA / Origin Access Vault. Andromeda joins the Vault on Xbox One and PC. PC and Xbox One owners who haven’t already picked up the latest entry in the Mass Effect series can now do so for free, provided they’re a subscriber to Origin or EA Access, respectively.

Can you buy mass effect on PS4?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is now available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. BioWare says the game also features “targeted enhancements” on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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Did Mass Effect: Andromeda make a profit?

EA have just released their latest earnings report and it seems like Mass Effect: Andromeda was a sales success, despite widespread criticism. … In addition, Mass Effect: Andromeda was a significant contributor. Full game PC and console downloads generated net sales of $111 million, 32% higher than last year.

Why was Mass Effect: Andromeda so bad?

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Most Common Criticisms

Many were hoping that Andromeda would hold another, similarly complex interstellar culture. Instead, what players found was a lot of ruins, only two new alien species, and a lot of side content rehashing issues that were prevalent in the Milky Way.

How do you get Tali loyal not exiled?

To secure Tali’s loyalty but end with her exiled, you simply have to refuse to present the evidence, instead lying and saying you didn‘t find anything. Tali will be found guilty of treason and exiled from the fleet, but she will be loyal to Shepard and the Normandy crew for the ending.

Is there a mass effect demo?

A free Mass Effect Andromeda demo is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, BioWare and EA announced.

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