Quick Answer: Who is the strongest biotic in Mass Effect?

Is Jack stronger than Samara?

Samara is more powerful. Jack is probably one of the most powerful human biotics (only outdone by Shepard himself if you’re playing as a biotic). … Samara is more powerful than Jack, because she is one of the most powerful Asari biotics.

Is Shepard a biotic?

L3 implants created. 2171 – Shepard officially detected as a biotic and fitted with L3 implants at 17. 2173 – Kaidan returns to military on his own terms.

Can you romance Samara?

As far as Mass Effect 2 goes, Samara doesn’t have a Romance Scene, but she does have some conversation stages similar to the main six options. As always, each conversation stage is reached by completing the one before it, then doing a Mission or Assignment before talking to her again.

Who is the oldest Krogan?

Okeer is probably the oldest Krogan you meet in the game. He has fought in the Krogan rebellion, which happened a long time before the events in Mass Effect. It is even said Wrex has fought there, meaning Wrex would be around 1000 years old.

Is liara a matriarch?

Liara is voiced by Ali Hillis in the video games.

Liara T’Soni
Race Asari
Occupation Xenoarchaeologist Information broker
Family Matriarch Benezia (parent) Matriarch Aethyta (parent)
Origin Thessia
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Is human biotic?

Humans are also biotic factors in ecosystems. Other organisms are affected by human actions, often in adverse ways. We compete with some organisms for resources, prey on other organisms, and alter the environment of still others.

How old is Shepard in Mass Effect?

Commander Shepard is 29 at the start of Mass Effect 1, and furthermore has a canonical birthday per Christina Norman: April 11, 2154. Ashley Williams is 25, born on April 14th, 2158. Kaidan Alenko is the oldest of the human companions at 32, born in 2151.

Why are all Asari biotic?

Effectively, the asari and her partner briefly become one unified nervous system. This unique means of reproduction is the reason asari are all talented biotics. Their evolved ability to consciously control nerve impulses is very similar to biotic training.”

How strong is Commander Shepard?

Shepard has been shown canonically to be able to pummel a krogan to death in a matter of a few blows, yet is able to punch that journalists in the face and she’s just fine.

Does adept Shepard make sense?

So basically, if your Shepard is an adept, he/she was exposed to eezo in the womb, and then attended an alliance program during their youth to be fitted with a biotic amp and be trained to harness their abilities. It makes sense with any backstory, just requires a little imagination.

How did Shepard become biotic?

Well, technically as long as he was exposed to Eezo as a fetus and didn’t get cancer and all those good side effects, his nervous system would bond with the eezo and he’d be a biotic.

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