Can you change class when importing ME2 character?

Basically you get one chance to set a class for that particular game, with the choice to change it when importing a save file into ME2 or ME3. … Once it’s set and you begin playing the game you cannot change class at all until you finish and start the next game.

Can I change my class in ME2?

Should you change character class in ME2 and ME3? You can’t change your class within any of the games in Mass Effect Legendary Edition without restarting from the beginning. However, you can choose a different class when importing your Mass Effect save into Mass Effect 2, or Mass Effect 2 into Mass Effect 3.

Can importing ME1 character change class?

Changing Careers in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Unfortunately, for anyone who chose a career that they don’t really like, there’s no way to change mid-game. … To do this, start a new game, select the option “Import ME1 Character” and change the career after selecting the proper character.

Can you edit imported character Mass Effect 2?

When you have control of Shepard, go to the squad screen. At the top left will be your face code. Then start over, import the ME1 save again, go to face customization and input the face code and adjust it from there.

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How do you import your character in Mass Effect 2?

To import a character, go to the main menu, select new game and then new game+.

  1. Any save that was made after the main story was completed may be selected to import.
  2. The opportunity to customize the character in the same way as when starting a new game, including the Pathfinder’s gender, is again possible.

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Does pre-service history matter in Mass Effect?

Your pre-service history doesn’t have any real effect on your character outside of a few minor dialogue changes here and there. Your past may be brought up by some characters throughout the trilogy, but nothing will change in the grand scheme of things.

Can you change Shepard in Mass Effect 2?

When you start ME2 to that point, you can change Shepard’s appearance because his body was fairly burnt to a crisp. Technically, when you get to those options, you’re taking the role of a Cerberus agent who’s reconstructing Shepard’s body.

Can you change hair ME2?

When Can You Change Hairstyle in Mass Effect Legendary Edition? Unfortunately, you can only change your Shepard’s hairstyle in between each game. This is part of the ‘new game’ process in Mass Effect 2 and 3, where you import your save data from the previous title(s).

Which class is best in Mass Effect 2?

This is my case on why the infiltrator is the best class in Mass Effect 2. Honestly, I could make a real case for any of the 6 classes in Mass Effect 2 as being the best, but after playing as all 6 of them my clear favorite is the Infiltrator.

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