Can you change your appearance in EVE Online?

Can I change my appearance in EVE Online?

You are only able to modify the superficial appearance of your character, such as hair, tattoos, accessories, etc. Things such as facial structure and body shape are permanent, again, unless you get a GM to help you change it which is unlikely.

How do I change my eve character appearance?

It is not possible to change the name, gender, race or bloodline of a character.

Once a players’ character is created then these aspects of that character can only be altered through a Character Resculpt, purchasable from the New Eden Store:

  1. Body Shape.
  2. Skin Complexion.
  3. Facial Structure.

Can you change clothes in EVE Online?

Go to the Captain’s Quarters in a station, and use the Character Customization Mirror. Here you will be able to apply apparel items that you’ve acquired. After you commit your changes on the “Re-Customization” screen, the item in your hangar will disappear.

Can you change your character name in EVE Online?

Only character names that are deemed as inappropriate are eligible for a possible name change. Names will not be changed for any other reason.

What race should I be in Eve Echoes?

There is no such thing as the best race in Eve Echoes, you will ended up using ships from all races as you progress through the game. But if you want to progress faster in early game, pick Caldari as your starting race.

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How do you move ships in Eve Echoes?

Get in the ship and fly it there. You can fly there in your pod to pick it up if you don’t have any expensive implants in, or you can use a free rookie ship to fly there and then just leave the rookie ship behind. You can repackage the ship and move it there in the cargohold of a hauler ship.

How do I use clothing items in EVE?

The items need to be in your Item Hangar. When you are in the Character Customization screen (the T-Shirt icon), scroll all the way to the left in the relevant sections and you should see them there. As Jenne Wain said, the items need to be in your Item Hangar, also you have to be in the same station with them.

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