Does the bubble expand elite dangerous?

Will the bubble expand elite dangerous?

There is currently no automatic expansion of the background simulated “human population” into new territory. New stations don’t just pop up due to BGS behaviour. There have been a very few new systems “populated”.

What does the bubble mean in elite dangerous?

The Core Systems, also known as the Core Worlds and colloquially called The Bubble, are a sphere approximately 150 lightyears in radius around Sol that contains the bulk of human civilization. It is where the Federation, Empire, Alliance, and other powers compete for influence, resources, territory and control.

Are there stations outside of the bubble?

There aren’t any really. There’s a few in the Pleiades Nebula (which barely counts) and some 100 odd stations all the way out in the Colonia Region, which is over 22,000LY from the bubble. There’s a handful of outposts on the Colonia Connection Highway but not many, only 16 systems and 19 ports.

How long does it take to get to Colonia Elite Dangerous?

Much less than forty-eight hours if you don’t stop to scan systems and map more interesting planets as I would. There is the Colonia Highway, a route of almost one-hundred to one-hundred and fifty jumps using Neutron Stars that will more than cut your travel time in half.

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How do I see bubbles in Elite Dangerous?

You can pull up power play in the galaxy map and see the extent of the bubble.

What are the best systems in elite dangerous?

Top 100 > Visited systems

# System Unique Traffic
1 Shinrarta Dezhra 34,066
2 Sothis 24,624
3 Robigo 17,200
4 Deciat 54,557

What is the best station in elite dangerous?

Well, the answer is Jameson Memorial, in Shinrarta Dezhra. (Jameson has every ship/module at all times) But you have to be Elite to gain access to that system.

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