Frequent question: How long do people live in Mass Effect?

In the Mass Effect series, we learn that humans can now somehow live up to the age of 150, while special cases like Miranda can live even longer. Asari can live up to a century and Salarians can only live for up to 40 human years.

Are humans the strongest race in Mass Effect?

In a general sense, Humans are not the strongest species in the Mass Effect universe. However, from another perspective, they are one of the fastest rising races at the Citadel and a prime factor in beating reapers. Humans are known to be highly adaptive with great survival instincts.

Do Krogan or Asari live longer?

Krogan live about as long as Asari naturally (if they don’t die prematurely during merc work) that’s why Asari more often seek out Krogan.

Are Salarians asexual?

Salarians are asexual*, and many (although not all) are aromantic; those that are not aromantic generally do not have any association between reproduction and romance unless they are in a relationship with an asari, who generally do prefer to raise children with their romantic partners.

Are Turians stronger than humans?

Geth are synthetic, probably made out of stuff that is tougher than steel. Nuff said. I don’t think anyone is surprised to see Turians here. They actually aren’t supposed to be too much stronger than humans, but their metal plates give them a bit of extra protection.

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What color is salarian blood?

Quarians, like humans, have red blood but this differs for most other species; Krogan have bright- orange [2], Turian have blue [3], Asari have violet [4], and Salarian have green [5], to name a few. This paper investigates the possible causes for the Asari colour differences.

How long did the Reaper war last?

by this point the war could have lasted anywhere between three and 6 months.

Can humans and Turians reproduce?

11 How Do Turians Reproduce? Like humans, Turians are viviparous in that they don’t lay eggs. Instead, they gestate their young and then give birth to live young after the gestation period.

How old is the oldest asari?

Asari also have a robust cellular regenerative system; while they do not heal faster than other species, they are known to reach over 1000 years of age. This long lifespan is rivaled only by the krogan.

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