How close can I get to a black hole elite dangerous?

Even with full throttle and boost, you won’t be able to get any closer and your HUD will show an alert “Body Exclusion Zone Hit”. Most black holes I’ve encountered have this at around 20-40 km. However, there have been some with Body Exclusion Zones greater than 100 km.

Can you walk around your ship in Elite Dangerous?

On 12 March 2015, David Braben said “as you can walk around inside your ships, things like leather upholstery are also things that we can do. It’s not a pay-to-win thing but actually makes your ship more shiny.”

How much of Elite Dangerous is undiscovered?

As of March 2, 2018, Commanders have discovered 112,863,791 individual star systems, which is only 0.028% of the systems in the galaxy. Over 20,262,978,541 light-years have been hyperspaced since Elite Dangerous was released. As of February 26, 2019, only 0.036% of the galaxy had been explored.

Is Elite Dangerous accurate?

Elite: Dangerous has a vast scientifically accurate 1:1 scale, seamless Milky Way galaxy, based on scientific first principles current scientific data and theories. Stars and planets are accurately positioned relative to your view.

Can a warp drive escape a black hole?

4 Answers. If Alcubierre warp bubbles are physically possible, which is exceedingly unlikely, and if the equivalence principle is correct, you could definitely escape from a black hole in one, because there’s nothing locally special about the event horizon.

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How are black holes typically classified?

There are four types of black holes: stellar, intermediate, supermassive, and miniature. The most commonly known way a black hole forms is by stellar death. … If its mass collapses into an infinitely small point, a black hole is born.

Could you survive Kerr black hole?

Beyond the Event Horizon

Black holes are bizarre objects that get their name from the fact that nothing can escape their gravity, not even light. If you venture too close and cross the so-called event horizon, you’ll never escape. For small black holes, you’d never survive such a close approach anyway.

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