How do I boost my signal in KSP?

To setup a group of Assemblers to operate cooperatively, they must first be attached to each other via their conveyor ports. Once the group is built, one assembler in the group must be designated as the master, and all others in the group should have their “Cooperative Mode” selector enabled.

How do you increase signal strength in KSP?

You can use ships with relay antennae to boost a weak signal or to transmit a signal when obstructed by a celestial body. You only need a ship with a probe core, a relay antenna, electricity and ways to generate it.

What do antennas do KSP?

Antennae allow communication with Kerbal Space Center, when deployed. With version 0.22 the antennae allow the return of scientific data from space, without the need to recover the craft on Kerbin. Version 1.2 added the requirement of antennae to control unmanned vehicles outside of a specified radius of Kerbin.

How do you control probe in KSP?

Pilot requirement and comm range

While probes will automatically gain control, command pods need to have a capable kerbal (scientist or engineer, not a tourist) in order to gain the ability to create maneuver nodes. SAS is not transmitted, you need to have a probe core with SAS capabilities on the remote ship.

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What does combinable mean KSP?

The range does increase. That (combinable) tag after the range means that you can combine multiple for more range.

What antenna does Duna use?

To communicate with the ground from Duna at all times, you would need a HG-55 or three RA-2 antennas.

How do you activate cheat menu in KSP?

Press ALT+F12 to access the debug console, which you can use to enjoy unlimited fuel, unbreakable joints, and other helpful perks.

How do you calculate antenna range in KSP?

Take the antenna power. Multiply it by the antenna power of your tracking station (level 1, 2G; level 2, 50G; level 3, 250G). Take the square root of that. That’s how far away KSC can control your probe.

How do you upgrade tracks in KSP?

Right-click the tracking station, then select the Upgrade button in the popup.

What does a relay antenna do?

A relay antenna does everything a direct antenna does, plus acts as a relay. If you can see a line between the probe and the relay, it’s working. But, if the probe can make a direct connection back to Kerbin, it may not be using the relay.

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