How do I turn throttle up in Kerbal space program?

Keys. LAUNCH: Throttle: left SHIFT = throttle up, left CONTROL= throttle down, “x”= throttle off. SPACEBAR activates (next) stage.

How do I raise the throttle in KSP?

The throttle can be controlled with the ⇧ Left Shift and ^ Left Ctrl keys, which will respectively increase and decrease the throttle. When in Intra-Vehicular Activity view, the throttle lever in the cockpit can also be used by clicking and dragging it with the mouse.

What are the controls for Kerbal Space program?

Key Bindings for QWERTY keyboard layout

Key Effect Since
System/UI Controls
Left-Shift Increase throttle 0.07.3
Left-Control Decrease throttle 0.07.3
Space Launch or detach stage 0.07.3

How do I turn the engine on in Kerbal Space program?

Just as holding the left Shift key will increase your thrust, holding the left Ctrl (Control) key will reduce it. Press Space once to ignite your engines!

How do I change controls in KSP?

Currently the only way to adjust the controls (or even view them) is to exit to the main menu. This makes for slow feedback particularly when configuring the dead zone and sensitivity of the joystick which takes some back and forth to get right.

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How do you control a pitch in KSP?

In a conventional airplane design, only the horizontal elevators in the tail will control pitch, so toggle off the roll and yaw in their right click menu. And the vertical rudder should control yaw, so switch off roll and pitch for that.

How do you switch ships in Kerbal space program?

You can set alarms for maneuver nodes, Pe/Ap, AN/DN, transfer windows, and more. The alarms get attached to a particular vessel, and when they expire it will kill time warp and give you the opportunity to switch to that ship.

How do you quick save in Kerbal space program?

F5 is assigned for quick save and it works when I use it whenever during the game. F6 is assigned for quick load, but nothing happens when I use it.

How do you turn on all engines in Kerbal space program?

When you press space bar, it will activate any engines in the bottom-most box, and decouple any separators in that box. You can drag the boxes around to reorder them and move engines between stages. So what you want to do is put all the engines you want to fire when your taking off in the bottom stage.

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