How do you call a drone back in EVE Online?

Account recovery can be started by clicking on the “Forgot Password?” link on the account management login page, or by opening the account recovery page directly. The name of the account or an email address needs to be entered here to start the account recovery process.

How do I recall a drone in EVE Online?

Assign “recall all drones” to a hotkey and hit that hotkey by reflex prior to warp. The real issue is with disconnects. Especially in combat you loose your weapons if you disconnect. There is NO way a dominix will get to his drones in time if half the pocket’s battleships are firing at ’em.

How do I activate drones in EVE Online?

If you want to launch drones, you need to put them in the drone bay whilst docked (or whilst next to a ship or POS module with fitting services).

Can you repair drones EVE Online?

As long as you keep the drones inside your ship you can just use the repair shop inside the base, select the ship, select “repair all” (or however it is called) and it will repair the all damaged drones together with any damaged modules and the ship itself.

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How long do drones last in space Eve?

It’s either going to be indefinitely (as ships are), or 30 days (as anchored secure containers are). I can’t remember which. The fastest way to get rid of them is to use combat scanner probes to scan them down and then collect them.

What do mining drones do Eve?

Mine: Orders your mining drone(s) to mine the asteroid you have targeted for one cycle (60 seconds), then return to your ship, drop the mined ore off in your cargo or ore bay. They will immediately return to the asteroid after they have dropped off their ore at your ship and continue mining.

What ships can use drones EVE Online?


  • Frigates and Destroyers.
  • Cruisers.
  • Battlecruisers.
  • Battleships.
  • Non-combat ships.
  • See Also.

What drones to use in EVE?

Serpentis have low resists to Kinetic damage followed by a slightly higher resistance to Thermal damage. Therefore you should carry Hornet light drones as the 1st choice followed by Hobgobblins as the second choice to be most effective.

How do you make your drones aggressive in EVE Online?

I read they can be set to aggressive and some other things. The drone window (when undocked and your ship has drones in its drone bay) has a small triangle pointing to the right at the top. Right click that to get drone options. “Focus fire” is pretty obvious, and likely one you will want.

How do you repair drones in EVE?

Once the drone is within range, which is fairly close, you select it, then select the Repair Module(s). When the damage goes away turn them off. Drone shields will repair just by going back into your hold or regenerate over time. The Repair Drones seem to be Armor Only.

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What are sentry drones Eve?

Sentries positively tear anything to shreds, even frigates until they settle into orbit (at which point light drones tear them to shreds). I usually carry Garde (short range), and Bouncer or Warden or Curator (long range). Unlike other drones, all the racial sentries are useful.

How do ECM drones work?

How it works: ECM modules/drones, colloquially “jammers”, disrupt the targeting abilities of the other ship for 20 seconds. This is chance based and influenced by the jamming strength of the module/drone and the sensor strength of the target ship. Each races’ ships have a particular sensor type.

How do I find a lost drone in EVE?

Sadly… the only way to recover abandoned drones is by remembering where you left them. If you can remember, you can recall them after arriving on-grid (see: you can see them) by right-clicking your capacitor HUD and selecting “Reconnect to Lost Drones.”

How can I increase the range of my drone?

The impact of gain is huge. For example, other things being equal, a 2dB antenna on 2.4GHz will give you a range of 6km while a 16dB Yagi antenna will increase this range to 33km. The standard DJI antennas are low gain, meaning they receive broadly equally well in all directions.

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