How do you change the vessel type in KSP?

You can change the classification of your craft by right clicking on the capsule, or probe core, selecting Rename Vessel, and then picking a different classification.

How do I switch back to the ship in KSP?

5 Answers. You can use the backspace key to focus on your current ship. This should reset the zoom level as well as the position. As of May the 4th (the time of my checking and verifying), the key used to focus the active vessel is the back quote: ` .

How do you change the main pod in KSP?

Use the root tool. button that looks like a z with the squares on it in the upper right. Click on that then just click on the part you want to be the primary pod a bunch of times, it takes like 3 clicks for some reason.

How do you change camera type in KSP?

You can help KSP Wiki by expanding it. There are several different camera views available in KSP, offering different perspectives from a virtual external camera pointed at the craft, kerbonaut, or other item being controlled. Pressing the V key will cycle through the available camera views at any time.

How do I change controls in KSP?

Currently the only way to adjust the controls (or even view them) is to exit to the main menu. This makes for slow feedback particularly when configuring the dead zone and sensitivity of the joystick which takes some back and forth to get right.

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How do I switch between planets in KSP?

You can double click on any planet to bring it into focus, though sometimes you will accidentally switch to a ship or flag on the surface of that planet. Probably easier is to use TAB to go through everything. You can also use shift-tab but watch out. Shift is throttle up!

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