How do you throw stones in space engineers?

How do you dump stones in space engineers?

It is as easy as having a Ejector (Collector if in a big ship or station) with ‘Collect All’ and ‘Drop Out’ settings switched on. Just between that Ejector/Collector and the rest of your system (drills, refinery, etc.), set a Conveyor Sorter with a Whitelist. Add only stone to that filter.

How do you dispose of items in space engineers?

Drag unwanted items in the drop box to dispose of the item. Only items in the players personal Inventory may be dropped. Items will be dropped as a stack or single rock in the case of ores and stone.

How do you get rid of gravel in space engineers?

How to destroy my 218k gravel quickly?

  1. Set up an ejector (or several) sticking out of your base.
  2. Have a conveyor filter between the ejector and the rest of your conveyor system.
  3. Set the filter to only whitelist gravel.
  4. Set ejector(s) to collect and throw out all.

How do you use the basic refinery in space engineers?

You can enter in your own custom name in the text box. If there is a powered Antenna attached to the same grid, that is set to broadcast, this device will display its position on the players HUD. If “on” allows the Basic Refinery to automatically draw iron ore from other inventories connected to it.

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How do you get magnesium powder in space engineers?

It is created by processing Magnesium Ore in a Refinery or disassembling components that contain magnesium.

How do I change my inventory size space engineers?

On the load game screen click edit settings, then click advanced. Should be able to change inventory, grind/weld speed, etc. from there.

How do you empty inventory space engineers?

Alt-Right click on a port to empty out inventory of everything except tools/gun.

What can pass through small conveyors space engineers?

The following can be moved by this block:

  • Ores.
  • Materials.
  • Construction Component.
  • Motor.
  • Computer.
  • Reactor Components.
  • Thruster Components.
  • Explosives.
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