How long is elite dangerous outbreak?

Infested is a state that lasts for one week and indicates the presence of Non-Human Signal Sources and Thargoid vessels. If enough Thargoids are destroyed before the next week, an Infested system will revert to normal.

How long does a system lockdown last elite dangerous?

Lockdowns can last anywhere from 3-14 days. You can help reduce the amount of time a system is in lockdown by killing wanted ships in the system and handing in the bounty vouchers at a station.

How do I stop retreat elite dangerous?

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A Retreat can also be ended prematurely, much in the same way that an Expansion can, by starting a conflict with the Retreating faction in a different system.

How does expansion work in elite dangerous?

Expansion. A faction will attempt to expand to a new system when their influence reaches 75% in a system and they are not being blocked by a conflict state. … If a system is full but there is a faction with very low influence presence the expansion will work and immediately trigger an invasion war in the new system.

What does BGS mean in elite dangerous?

In the distance is a production building, themed here as an industrial space with smokestacks. Image: Frontier Developments via YouTube. When Odyssey launches in early 2021, “thousands” of new Settlements will be added to the game.

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Why is a station in lockdown elite dangerous?

Lockdown is triggered by a low security and development level for a system, and increases security level and decreases wealth while active. … Checkpoints are spawned when the controlling minor faction is in a Lockdown state.

Does reputation increase rank elite dangerous?

There are several types of missions that reward reputation, which improves rank. Common tactics for fast rank progress are: Cargo delivery missions – Offers high reputation gain and moderate pay, but carries the risk of frequent pirate interdictions. … Data courier missions – Low-paying, but low-risk.

Is Elite dangerous free?

Experience unpredictable encounters with players from around the world in Elite Dangerous’ vast, massively multiplayer space. … You will need to register a free Elite Dangerous account with Frontier to play the game.

What is the difference between influence and reputation in elite dangerous?

Rep is your standing with faction in question and influence is the standing/power of the faction you’re dealing with.

What is BGS elite?

A tool to track and manage the Background Simulation (BGS) of Elite Dangerous. Visualise influences and states using graphs and monitor factions and systems.

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