What happens if the Reapers catch you Mass Effect 3?

1 Answer. You get a critical mission failure and have to choose to exit, load or resume/”try again”-just like if you died on a mission.

What happens if the Normandy runs out of fuel?

Fuel is expended in Mass Effect 3 every time you pilot the Normandy into the void between star systems. If you run out of fuel you will be automatically returned to the nearest system with a Mass Relay. …

What does scanning do Mass Effect 3?

Scanning yields War Assets, Fuel, intel and artifacts for Side Missions. Choose a system from the Galaxy Map and you can scan while you navigate the star system by hitting the LEFT TRIGGER. The scan beacon may pick up an anomaly on a planet or in deep space which you can explore by entering its orbit.

How did the Reapers arrive in Mass Effect 3?

The Reapers have been in the fringes of the Galaxy since Arrival. The point for Arrival was to stall the Reapers getting to the Alpha Relay to use it as a quick transit. Without it, they need another few months to reach the nearest relay, which doesn’t have the main protocols to reach farther relays in their networks.

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