What is negotiation bonus Mass Effect 2?

What is negotiation bonus in Mass Effect 2?

Yeah, it does what it says it does, boosts your paragon/renegade points by 10%. Your primary talent for your class can boost your negotiation by 70%-100% when maxed, so if you retrain your skills, you’ll suddenly notice that your paragon/renegade points are half of what they were.

What is the best heavy weapon Mass Effect 2?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition: 10 Best Heavy Weapons

  • 10 M-100 Grenade Launcher.
  • 9 M-451 Firestorm.
  • 8 M-490 Blackstorm.
  • 7 Collector Particle Beam.
  • 6 Reaper Blackstar.
  • 5 Geth Spitfire.
  • 4 M-920 Cain.
  • 3 Arc Projector.

Who dies me2?

If you did 1-3 Missions / Assignments after the crew were kidnapped, half of the crew will die, including Kelly, Gabby, Ken, and Mess Sergant Gardner . If you did 4 or more Missions / Assignments after the crew were kidnapped, all of them except Dr. Chakwas will die.

How do you get Recon Hood in me2?

Go to the extras menu in the start up screen. then go to downloads, scroll down to the recon hood with a check next to it. Re download it. You should then have it in your game.

How do I equip Inferno armor?

To equip the blood dragon armor, You simply have to go to the captains quarters of the Normandy, and customize your armor. There should be a new option, and that is Armor Type. If you have various armor types (Collector, Terminus, Blood dragon, Inferno) then it displays the others there too.

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