You asked: Are Guardian weapons worth it elite dangerous?

If you want to fight Thargoids, guardian weapons are pretty much necessary. They’re WAY better than their AX counterparts, especially if you aim to fight Thargoid interceptors. The only situation where AX weapons are better are in fighting scouts – mounting turreted multicannons can be useful then.

Are Guardian modules worth it?

Overall, it’s correct that highly engineered modules are superior to the relevant guardian fitting, but in many cases they’re still a G3/4 equivalent for no material cost beyond the initial unlock, so fitting them is way less effort, and generally a vastly superior option to vanilla fits.

Which Guardian weapon is best?


  • Guardian Gauss Cannon. These are only really good against Thargoid scouts and Interceptors, not certain if the Gauss does more or less damage than an un-engineered Railgun but still the Gauss cannon isn’t good against human ships. …
  • Guardian Plasma Charger. …
  • Guardian Shard Cannon.

Is the Guardian FSD booster worth it?

Use the fsd booster . When you get to where you want to go. just store it and put a cargo slot in untill your done then reinstall it. IT IS WORTH IT .

Can guardian modules be engineered?

Compared to a power plant of the same rating and class, a Guardian Hybrid Power Plant generates 32% more power, generates 25% more heat, and has 17% more mass. Guardian Hybrid Power Plants cannot be engineered.

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Are Guardian weapons good against humans?

Unlike AX weaponry it is still highly effective against human ships, though its armour penetration is excessively high for most man-made ships, and a well-Engineered Railgun of the same class will likely outperform a Gauss Cannon against human vessels. … This effect is altered by the use of custom Weapon Colours.

How many guardian weapon blueprints do I need?

A total of 18 Guardian Weapon Blueprint Fragments are needed to unlock all available Guardian weapons.

Are Guardian weapons good for PVP?

It’s usable but not the best thing to use for PVP. If you get jumped by someone while trying to hunt Thargoids, you can at least fight back with guardian weapons than you could with AX weaponry.

Does Guardian FSD booster stack?

Yes you can stack them.

What is needed for Guardian FSD booster?

The Guardian Frame Shift Drive Booster can be permanently unlocked for purchase by providing the following Materials to a Guardian Technology Broker:

  1. 1 Guardian Module Blueprint Fragment.
  2. 21 Guardian Power Cell.
  3. 21 Guardian Technology Component.
  4. 24 Focus Crystals.
  5. 8 HN Shock Mount.
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