You asked: What do fleet carriers do elite dangerous?

Fleet Carriers are one of the most significant additions to Elite: Dangerous. … Fleet Carriers, as the name implies, can haul your fleet, act as a mobile commodity market, ship and outfitting yard, and even black market.

Can Fleet Carriers be attacked elite dangerous?

Q: Can carriers be attacked? Carriers can be attacked by another player but wont do any damage. The carrier will return fire and kill the attacking player. Carriers will not engage Thargoids ships, nor will they attack.

Should I get a Fleet Carrier elite dangerous?

Even if you have the 5 billion credits to buy a Fleet Carrier, and the extra hundreds of millions to “outfit” it, the weekly upkeep cost is the single reason why I’d recommend no one buy a Fleet Carrier. Seriously. Fleet Carriers are basically flying space stations, and they’re about as useful as that.

How long does it take to get a Fleet Carrier elite dangerous?

This process takes 7 days, leaving time for the owner to reconsider. A percentage of the cost is refunded to the player once decommissioning is complete.


How much does it cost to run a Fleet Carrier?

Upkeep. The Fleet Carrier management menu Fleet Carriers have weekly upkeep costs starting at 5 million credits for a newly-purchased, unmodified vessel, and rising to over 25 million credits for a vessel with all optional services installed and active.

Can you destroy Fleet Carriers?

Q: Can carriers be destroyed? No, carriers can not be destroyed by conventional weapons.

How many ships can be stored on a Fleet Carrier?

Yes, 2 accounts with a carrier on each can have both 40 ships.

How many is a fleet?

The definition of a fleet is pretty simple — any company or person that has more than one car has a fleet. Technically, the company need not even own the cars for them to be considered a fleet. Companies that use fleet vehicles often lease them for their employees rather than buy them.

What is Carrier Administration?

The Definition of Carrier Management

Carrier management is a division of transportation that enables businesses to monitor and manage carrier performance through carrier scorecards, contract and rate management, and claims management.

How do you get free Anaconda from Hutton Orbital?

Hutton Orbital has a counterpart in Eol Procul Centauri in the Colonia Region named Hutton Moon. However, Hutton Moon is only 35.27 ls away from the arrival star. There is a well-known joke that players can get a free Anaconda by simply visiting Hutton Orbital.

How much will Fleet Carriers cost elite dangerous?

A Fleet Carrier costs 5,000,000,000 credits for the base model, which includes a Commodity Market and a Tritium Depot. The ships are individually owned, and the owner can only have one Fleet Carrier at a time. The owner can manage docking permissions.

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Where can I buy a Fleet Carrier elite dangerous?

Fleet Carriers are available for purchase only at select systems, buts Starports that do sell them are distinguishable by the ‘Carrier Construction Dock’ stationed nearby. The ‘Carrier Construction’ service should be available in their Starport Service menus under the Contracts tab.

Can you store cargo in a Fleet Carrier?

A. No, Fleet Carriers do not have any external cargo bays.

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