You asked: When should I return to the Citadel Mass Effect 1?

Assignments described in this chapter are not part of the main plot mission. If you want to complete them though, it’s good to return to the Citadel after finishing your tasks on Therum (5), Feros (6) or Noveria (7).

Can you go back to the Citadel Mass Effect 1?

You can’t go back. The option to land is removed.

Where is the Normandy Mass Effect 1 Citadel?

The Normandy will be on the left-hand side of this walkway that’s in front of the elevator. After a brief cutscene, players will be back inside of the ship and can use it to get to a different destination. Players should to the Combat Information Center and use the Mass Effect Galaxy Map.

When can you romance Liara?

After you complete all four Mission Worlds and return to the Citadel, the Normandy will be grounded and Liara will appear to comfort Shepard. Unless you consistently pick Renegade options here, your romance with Liara will be Locked In.

Should I go to feros or Noveria first?

You can generally take on Therum or Feros first without major consequences, but going for Noveria first is not advisable. That’s partly because Noveria is more difficult than Feros or Therum, to the point where BioWare likely intended it to be the last of the three.

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Can I go back to the Citadel after stealing the Normandy?

After hijacking the Normandy you can’t go back to the citadel. After landing on Ilos you can’t go do anything but finish the game either.

Can you continue mass effect 1 after ending?

In Mass Effect 2 and 3, after the end credits roll, players are booted back to a save point before the final mission(s). Unfortunately, Mass Effect 1 is an outlier; the game doesn’t spin back time automatically, so players will need to manually choose a save file before the ending.

What is the best ending in Mass Effect 3?

The one critical thing to getting the best ending in ME3 is the War Assets mechanic. If you get enough war assets before your final battle against the Reapers, Commander Shepard lives, and the trilogy ends on a happier note.

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