Best answer: Does it matter if you save the Council in Mass Effect?

If you save the Council, they are much warmer towards you in Mass Effect 2. … They’re much more careful with you because you let the original Council perish in Mass Effect 1. You will not have the Destiny Ascension as a ship for your war effort in Mass Effect 3.

Should I save the council or let them die mass effect?

If you let the Council die, the Alliance forces will be superior War Assets in Mass Effect 3, while if you save them, the Alliance will be weakened, but you’ll get The Ascension as a War Asset to balance it out.

What happens if you don’t save the council in Mass Effect?

If you let the Council die

Mass Effect Consequences: In the end scene, Udina plans to start a new Council. … Mass Effect 2 Consequences: The Council will not grant you an audience or reinstate you as a Spectre. If you elected Anderson as Councillor, he will reinstate you as a Spectre.

Can I Romance Liara in Mass Effect 2?

Mass Effect 2’s Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC is where the majority of your Romantic interactions with Liara will take place. … The scene in Shepard’s Cabin is considered to be a Romance Scene for Liara, and you’ll once again be Locked In with her if you choose “Happily ever after” if it shows up.

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What happens if Garrus dies in me2?

What Happens if Garrus Dies in Mass Effect 2? The very obvious and short answer is that if Garrus dies in Mass Effect 2, he’s just not in Mass Effect 3. If other significant crew members are lost throughout the trilogy, they’re sometimes replaced by stand-in characters of their same race.

Should I put Anderson on the council?

If you choose Anderson for the Council:

Regardless of the fate of the original alien council members, Anderson will reinstate Shepard’s Spectre status when you check in with him in ME2. Anderson clearly isn’t very happy in the Councilor role, and will quit and be replaced by Udina before the events of ME3.

Is there anything after Mass Effect 1 credits?

There are no extras after the credits of Mass Effect besides a thank you to the friends and family of the developers.

Why is udina Councillor?

A few weeks later Anderson was contacted by Hackett, and agreed to rejoin the Alliance military to help prepare for the Reaper Invasion. The writers wanted Udina to be councilor and Anderson to be on Earth, so they just made it happen.

What happens if you save the Rachni queen?

If she is saved, rachni workers are sent to the Crucible project, where they are prized assets for their engineering capabilities, industrious nature, and good teamwork. If Shepard did not spare the Rachni queen on Noveria, the Reapers will artificially construct a Queen thrall in order to control a rachni army.

What happens if you save the destiny ascension?

If the Destiny Ascension is saved, the asari have repaired and upgraded the dreadnought’s shielding and firepower, making it a formidable asset after the Council offers its support in retaking Earth. It then takes part in the final space battle over Earth.

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