Best answer: How do you transfer science between ships in KSP?

The simple way is to EVA a Kerbal, have them stand on the ladder of the ship you want to move the science from. Right click on the ship holding the science and select Take Data. Fly the Kerbal over to the other ship, right click on the capsule and select Store Data. Done.

How do I transfer science in KSP?

If you’re close enough, there’s a “take science” option which will load all science onto your kerbal, who can then board a different pod where said science will be subsequently auto-stored as usual.

How do I transfer data in KSP?

Yep. EVA your Kerbal, then right click on any part with data stored in it. You should see an option to “take data“.

How do you switch ships in Kerbal space program?

You can set alarms for maneuver nodes, Pe/Ap, AN/DN, transfer windows, and more. The alarms get attached to a particular vessel, and when they expire it will kill time warp and give you the opportunity to switch to that ship.

How do you switch between ships?

The only way to move between ships (even in the same system) is being in close proximity and pressing “T” or flying to it in a drone.

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Is Kerbal space program on the switch?

Kerbal Space Program is a space flight simulation game. … You direct a space program, staffed and crewed by aliens.

How do you switch between crafts quickly in KSP?

You use the left [ and right ] keys to switch between crafts.

Where does KSP save ships?

Finding your .

craft file under “saves” in your KSP root directory. So the path is ROOT DIRECTORY/saves/save_game_name/ships/building/super_awesome_rocket.

Can you download ships in Kerbal space program?

Yep. KSP saves ships as text-based . craft files, so you can download one that’s been posted and simply drop it in the correct folder.

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