Best answer: What gun is the KSP?

The Ksp 58 (Swedish: Kulspruta 58) is a Swedish variant of the Belgian FN MAG general purpose machine gun that is currently being manufactured by the Swedish company Carl Gustafs Stads Gevärsfaktori and was adopted by the Swedish Armed Forces in 1958.

What gun is the KSP in real life?

The “KSP 45” is a fictional 3-round burst submachine gun. It is primarily based on the Heckler & Koch UMP45 with its boxy design, selector switch style, and similarly shaped rear sight, but takes other design cues from various Cold War-era submachine guns.

Is the KSP 45 the ump?

The KSP 45, better known in most games as the UMP 45, is a burst SMG in Black Ops Cold War. … Using the Gunsmith, you can equip the KSP 45 with different attachments to help it flourish in a variety of situations, such as running and gunning or sitting back and picking enemies off at range.

Is the KSP 45 a SMG?

The KSP 45 is a unique submachine gun, thanks to its burst firing mechanism.

What is the FFAR 1 in real-life?

FFAR-1 and FR 5.56

The beloved weapon is known by many fans as the FAMAS, and this is actually the real weapon used in the military.

What are the best attachments for the KSP 45?

The best attachments for the KSP 45 in Cold War are the 10.5” Task Force Barrel, Serpent Wrap Handle, and an Optic of the player’s choice. The 10.5” Task Force barrel will boost the damage and extend the overall damage range of your burst shot by 50%. It also gives you even more firepower.

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Is the KSP any good?

Admittedly, this KSP is not going to replace your AMAX Warzone loadout any time soon. But it is surprisingly good at long-range in the hands of Metaphor. So if you’re up for a challenge this week in Verdansk and want to humiliate your pals by getting more kills with a dead SMG than their main ARs, look no further.

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