Does everyone die in me3?

Mass Effect 3 knows how to pull heartstrings with every potential squadmate that has the chance to die during the game. Depending on Shepard’s actions in certain cases, some characters could die and stay dead for the remainder of the game. …

Does everyone on the Citadel die in ME3?

The people on the Citadel, unless otherwise stated, are dead. … And since you didn’t have the decency to order an evacuation before deciding the fate of the galaxy, any survivors on the Citadel perished when the station was destroyed.

How does Mass Effect 3 start if everyone dies?

Typically, if a squadmate dies during the expedition, they’re replaced by another character in Mass Effect 3 or are simply absent from the rest of the story. For example, if Mordin Solus doesn’t survive, the Salarian scientist is replaced by Padok Wiks in Mass Effect 3.

How many people died Mass Effect 3?

About 11 Million salarian civilians were killed.

Does Cortez always die in ME3?

During the final assault on Earth, after dropping off Shepard’s squad, Cortez’s shuttle is shot down by a Harvester. If he has been persuaded to visit the Memorial Wall, he survives the crash and can be contacted via hologram later.

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What is the best ending in Mass Effect 3?

The one critical thing to getting the best ending in ME3 is the War Assets mechanic. If you get enough war assets before your final battle against the Reapers, Commander Shepard lives, and the trilogy ends on a happier note.

What if Garrus died in me2?

What Happens if Garrus Dies in Mass Effect 2? The very obvious and short answer is that if Garrus dies in Mass Effect 2, he’s just not in Mass Effect 3. If other significant crew members are lost throughout the trilogy, they’re sometimes replaced by stand-in characters of their same race.

Can Thane survive me3?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to save Thane in Mass Effect 3. No matter what decisions you made in the previous game, or what decisions you make in the trilogy’s third installment, he’ll always be mortally injured by Kai Leng. … For one, Thane’s death serves as a way of getting over how powerful Kai Leng is.

Can you survive Mass Effect 3?

The possible endings to Mass Effect 3 are: Destroy (Red): Shepard can destroy the Reapers, but this will also destroy all synthetic life in the galaxy, including the geth, EDI, and even Shepard’s cybernetics. … With this option, Earth survives, and Shepard’s squad survives and are synthesized.

Can you save mordin?

During Mass Effect 3’s main story mission “Priority: Tuchanka,” Mordin will need to stay behind in the exploding Shroud tower in order to successfully disperse a cure for the Genophage. Under the majority of playthrough scenarios, there is no way for Mordin to survive the blast and he will die as a result.

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Is there a way to save Cortez ME3?

Keep on talking to him between missions. Convince him to go to the docking bay, and meet him there. Also meet him when he later sends you emails to meet him on the Citadel (first in front of the memorial wall and later in the bar). Like others said, help him move on from his dead husband.

Can you romance Lieutenant Cortez?

Romancing Steve Cortez Explained

Uniquely, Steve is the only character in the Mass Effect Trilogy who can only be romanced by a Male Shepard. First, after talking to Cortez once and then completing a Mission, you’ll find him in the Cargo Bay listening to the last recording he and his husband Robert had.

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