Frequent question: Can you save Kasumi Mass Effect 2?

Kasumi was originally a DLC character, but Mass Effect Legendary Edition includes all extra content. … Even though you can attempt to complete it early on, it’s probably best to save it for later in the game since Kasumi is the only squadmate who can go with you and it contains some tough firefights.

Does Kasumi die mass effect?

When she’s loyal, she gets shot, and “dies” while cloaking.

Does Kasumi Goto die?

Kasumi Goto is a human master thief. She is also a master of infiltration and stealth.

Kasumi Goto
Death Mass Effect 2 or Mass Effect 3. (Determinant)
Cause of Death Dies during the suicide or is presumed dead after explosion. (Determinant)

Can you save Kasumi ME3?

Kasumi is still around iN ME3 if she survived ME2 (meaning you got the DLC and she survived in your save). ME Wiki says she’ll be on the Citadel, and she has some different dialog and scenes depending on whether you got her loyalty in ME2. She can be a war asset if and only if you won her loyalty.

What happens if you don’t destroy the Graybox?

At the conclusion of the Reaper war, if Keiji’s graybox wasn’t destroyed, then Kasumi can be seen holding either it or a holographic representation of Keiji, depending on Shepard’s choice.

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Who voices Kasumi Goto?

Kasumi Goto is voiced by Kym Hoy.

How do I get general Oraka weapons?

Talk to the Salarian nearby in the Presidium Commons. Travel to Kite’s Nest, then to the Vular system, and scan Vana until it pings. Proceed to probe the planet for weapons. Once retrieved, return to the vendor and then to Oraka.

Can you save Jondum Bau?

As an added bonus, not only have you saved Jondum Bau and saved the Hanar homeworld, but Kasumi herself will count as a 25 point war asset.

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