Frequent question: How do you save Wrex in me3?

If you have 8 Intimidate Points, you can pick “Don’t be so naïve”, which convinces him to stand down. This gives you +9 Renegade Points. If you pick “[Shoot Wrex]”, Shepard will knock Wrex down and kill him personally, getting you +25 Renegade Points.

How do you save female krogan?

The only way to keep Eve alive is to complete Old Blood on an imported character, and save the data. Eves survival has two major effects: If Eve dies, there is a -50 modifier on Krogan War Assets. Her survival prevents this.

How do you save Rex?

The only advice is to advance slowly, use the crates as cover, and try to keep Shepard and their squad healed. The player can find Wrex’s Family Armor in a safe in the room at the far end of the second floor. If the player helped Wrex, there will be three options when they talk to him on Virmire.

Can you save Wrex and Mordin?

If you want to save both Wrex and Mordin, it is not possible and will result to both of them dying in Mass Effect 3’s events. … The request will be to sabotage the genophage cure mission, and as a reward the Salarian army will join Shepard’s battle in the end of Mass Effect 3.

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Is it better to save Ashley or Kaiden?

Kaiden And Ashley In Mass Effect 2

As per usual, Ashley’s admonishment is more forthright, while Kaiden is more reserved. If romanced in the first game, both their relief at Shepard’s survival and their anger at Cerberus will be more extreme.

Can you save mordin?

During Mass Effect 3’s main story mission “Priority: Tuchanka,” Mordin will need to stay behind in the exploding Shroud tower in order to successfully disperse a cure for the Genophage. Under the majority of playthrough scenarios, there is no way for Mordin to survive the blast and he will die as a result.

What happens if you don’t save Maelon’s data?

If Maelon’s data was saved, Mordin uses the data to stabilize Eve, resulting her survival at Priority: Tuchanka. If it was destroyed, then Eve will die during the mission. … Otherwise, Mordin will sacrifice himself during dispersal of the cure for the genophage, or will be killed by Shepard.

Can you save both on Virmire?

Unfortunately, as we noted previously, there is no way to save both characters. You have to make a decision. Whoever you save will be seen throughout the rest of the Mass Effect trilogy.

Can Ashley and Kaidan both survive?

There isn’t any option to keep both of them alive, although this was the original intent of Bioware as they included a third option of being able to do so, but it was scrapped in the process of finalizing the game.

Who do I send with Kirrahe?

Here’s the deal: there is no immediate consequence to who you choose to send with Kirrahe, other than that they will be unavailable to you for your squad for the rest of the Virmire mission.

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Can grunt survive Mass Effect 3?

Grunt can become a casualty of Mass Effect 3 if Shepard was not careful to secure his Loyalty in Mass Effect 2. Here’s how to prevent his death. If Shepard is not careful to secure Grunt’s Loyalty, he will not survive the events of Mass Effect 3.

How do you keep Mordin alive in ME2?

In order to keep Mordin alive, you need to have 1) Not saved Maelon’s data in ME2, and 2) Urdnot Wreav must be the leader of the Krogans (that is, Wrex must have died on Virmire in ME1).

Is it worth sabotaging the Genophage cure?

If you cured the genophage, you will receive no salarian assets at this time, leaving the STG force you gained from Sur’Kesh as their race’s only representatives at this time. Sabotaging the cure grants you their First Fleet and Mordin Solus (if he was spared).

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