How do I find my wrecks in EVE Online?

If you’re in high then the other posts are right, scan down mission runners and salvage their leavings. If you’re in null with a corp/alliance then chill at a safe spot and bookmark every anom in the system. When one disappears you can warp to its bookmark and find a pocket full of wrecks.

Can Combat probes find wrecks?

The lore reason you can probe scan for ships, deployables, et cetera is because the combat probes are calibrated to be able to detect the signature of the sensor emissions of the object. A wreck, by definition, does not have working sensors and thus this method will not work.

How do you loot a wreck in EVE Online?

Use your tractor beams to pull more distant wrecks to within 2500m of your ship (as you’ll want to loot them in addition to salvaging them); once they are within range, turn the tractor beams off, and re-target them on additional distant wrecks.

Can you scan down wrecks in EVE Online?

You cannot scan down or probe out wrecks. You can scan down or probe out mission runners’ ships.

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Is a Noctis worth it?

Besides its bonuses to tractor beams and salvagers it also sports a large cargo bay, able to store loot from even the most destructive level 4 missions. The Noctis is expensive however, and is unlikely to be worth it for a player who is not yet running at least level 3 missions.

How do I insure my ship in EVE Online?

The desired ship to insure must be in a corporation hangar. The corporation will pay for the insurance, as well as receiving the insurance payout, if the ship is destroyed. If the ship is boarded by any character not part of the corporation, the ship is insured by, the contract becomes void.

Can you loot yellow wrecks?

Stealing, or “ninja looting”, is taking items from a wreck without permission. This act requires you to have yellow safeties (partial) or red safeties (turned off) and will flag you as a suspect. With green safeties (full) you will simply not be able to take loot from someone else’s can or wreck.

How do I use mobile depot Eve?

A Mobile Depot can only be accessed or scooped up by its owner; you cannot launch it for use by other players at this time. Other players can scan down your Mobile Depot with combat probes and attack it (receiving a suspect flag, not a criminal flag; CONCORD will not intervene!).

What happens if your ship is destroyed in EVE Online?

Your old ship was destroyed. Rookie ships are automatically refunded in the manner I described earlier. Any other ship is gone forever if destroyed and you will have to buy a new one.

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What do I do if my ship is destroyed in EVE Online?

Newbie ship destroyed

  1. if you dock at the station where you dont have any other ships you’ll get a free corvette (noobship). As for getting your old ship back there is no way. …
  2. You have to warp to training ore anomaly and loot it from container floating there. It is explained in mission description.

What happens if you lose your ship in EVE?

When you die in EVE right now, your ship is destroyed and about half of your fitted modules and cargo are obliterated, the rest being dropped in your shipwreck as loot. … If that happens, your character dies and is immediately resurrected in a cloning lab, losing any implants that were in your previous clone’s head.

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