How do I get more resources in Mass Effect 2?

Resources are found by scanning, probing and mining planets in the galaxy. There are four kinds of mineral resources in Mass Effect 2. Element Zero is used for biotic and engineering upgrades.

How do you get more resources in me2?

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  1. Go to any random solar system and look for unexplored planets, find one that is rich and use up the 30 probes, if that doesn’t take the planet from Rich to Good, then go buy 30 more from a Fuel Depot. …
  2. Oh, and pick one direction to scan. …
  3. Yup, scanning planets is easily the best way to gather resources.

How many resources needed Mass Effect 2?

We recommend having around 150,000 Palladium, Iridium and Platinum, and 35,000 Element Zero.

Do you need 100000 Element Zero?

You have to have over 100K, but less than 999,999 of each mineral, AND you have to have entered the orbit, not scanned, of every planet in all systems.

Do Mass Effect 2 resources carry over?

Stats. Your level will carry over from Mass Effect 2 into Mass Effect 3, and should you choose to remain as the same class, all of your abilities will remain the same too. If you choose to change class, you will have lots of ability points to spend immediately (as per your level). Your credits do not carry over.

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What happens if you run out of fuel in Mass Effect 2?

In Mass Effect 2 you have a fuel resource that is used for travel within a certain map-type (between a star system and the full-map view.) If you run out of this fuel, you start burning through your resources (minerals and element zero.)

Can you buy resources in Mass Effect 2?

You don’t buy Resources, you scan for them on planets, or find them on missions. You can buy Research Projects (I.E., upgrades), but you cannot research them until you have Mordin on your crew. To research the upgrades, you must have the Research Projects, and enough resources to research them.

How many planets can you visit in Mass Effect?

While over 100 planets may sound like too much space, the video notes that only “a handful of beautifully crafted worlds” can be landed on. Each of the planets you land on will offer unique characters, sidequests and challenges, however.

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