How do I get rid of the UI in KSP?

How do I turn off UI in KSP?

This plugin allows you to take screenshots within KSP at a higher resolution than your current screen resolution, using a technique called ‘supersampling‘. Press ‘z’ to take a screenshot and ‘p’ to hide the UI.

How do you change view in KSP?

Pressing the V key will cycle through the available camera views at any time.

What button is abort in KSP?

1 Answer. The Kerbal Space Program wiki says that the default key binding for executing the Emergency Abort is Backspace .

How do I revert in KSP?

* If you have the game on Steam, you’ll find a Beta branch on your Steam Game Settings for KSP, called ‘previous’. Opting in to that branch will downgrade your install to the previous version. Changing back to the default branch will upgrade you back to the latest version.

How do I take a screenshot in KSP?

How to take better screenshots

  1. Supersample your screenshots. This was a feature that was new in 0.25, but I haven’t seen anything explaining how to use it, even in google. …
  2. Before taking the screenshot, disable the GUI with F2, if you want.
  3. To take the screenshot, press F1.

How do I get out of first person view KSP?

LOOK AROUND: Right-Click and drag (view re-centers on release of right mouse button). ZOOM: Scroll the Mouse Wheel or Numpad + and – keys. EXIT EVA CAMERA: Press V to change to standard flight cameras.

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How do you switch vessels in KSP?

How do you change between vessels?

  1. Go back to the space centre, enter the tracking station, select the vessel you want in the list on the left and click the green “fly” button at the bottom left.
  2. Switch to map view, right click on the vessel in the map and select “Switch to” on the resulting menu.

What button is alpha1?

Alpha 1 corresponds to the “1” key and action group one, Alpha 2 corresponds to the “2” key and action group two.. etc.

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