How do I increase my inventory in Mass Effect?

How do I increase my inventory in Mass Effect Andromeda?

Mass Effect Andromeda Increase Inventory Size. Carry More Equipment. To increase the Ryder inventory size, go to the AVP screen on the Tempest and then choose the appropriate section under the merchant or finance area.

Is there an inventory limit in Mass Effect?

Yep, 150 items. You can sell them at the various vendors (I don’t remember the button off-hand, but you can somehow switch the big BUY banner over to SELL and RE-BUY), or you can turn them into omni-gel.

Is there storage in Mass Effect Andromeda?

User Info: DBZpunk21. There’s no safe or storage area, but you an increase your maximum carry capacity with one of your cryo perks.

How do you deconstruct weapons in Mass Effect Andromeda?


  1. Open the Inventory screen, choose a weapon or armor piece to deconstruct, and select Deconstruct.
  2. The Deconstruct screen will show the materials to be returned to Ryder and the option to continue with the deconstruct or cancel.
  3. Select OK to deconstruct the item and recover the listed resources.

How do you salvage items in Mass Effect?

Mechanics. The deconstruct process is very simple: Go to the equipment screen, choose an item to deconstruct, and press the appropriate button to select ‘Deconstruct’. A screen will show up with the materials that will be returned to Ryder and an option to continue with the deconstruct or cancel.

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