How do I open my toolbar in space engineers?

Press (G key) to open the Configuration Menu. Press ctrl and a number to select a toolbar to configure, for example, ctrl-2.

How do I use the toolbar in space engineers?


  1. Configuration. The toolbar can be configured by use of the Toolbar Config screen. …
  2. Profiles. The toolbar cycling through its profiles by pressing , or . …
  3. Function. To use any items placed in your toolbar, hit the corresponding key to that item (if it’s in the first slot, press 1; the second, press 2, etc).

How do I open the toolbar config in space engineers?

The Toolbar Config screen can be accessed by default by pressing the ‘G’ key (this can be configured under the “Systems 1” section of the controls option menu). An example is shown to the right. Once you have found the item you want, simply click and drag it down to the position on your toolbar you want it to be in.

How do you equip tools in space engineers?

How do I equip tools on my character? Hit ‘G’ to pull up the Toolbar Config screen. From there go to the “Character Tools” section on the left-hand side, and then click-and-drag one of the four tools (Hand Drill, Grinder, Welder, or Rifle) to your toolbar.

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How do you hotkey space engineers?

All keys for toolbar cockpits are in “G” so enter the cockpit, hit “G” > Drag and Drop the the block you need to any of your toolbad keys.

How do you attach a drill to cockpit in space engineers?

Space Engineers

Make drill controls appear in cockpit toolbar? The easy start scenario has a mining ship, and when you get into the cockpit you can press 1 and toggle the drill bit on and off.

How do you open inventory in space engineers?

Access is gained by pressing “K” (default) to get into the space engineer’s personal pack, or by going to an access door to the other aforementioned objects.

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