How do I play old versions of KSP?

Yep. Right click KSP in steam, then click properties, then Betas, then the opt-in drop down. From there you can select any previous build of the game.

How do I download older versions of KSP?

On the KSP Store they are on the Downloads section of your profile. On Steam and GOG, you have to download them as Betas, in the respective tab of the desktop application. It’s not possible to officially download versions prior to 1.0. If you have more questions, you can submit a support ticket here.

How do I install different versions of KSP?


  1. Go to the KSP website, click Store.
  2. Log in.
  3. My Account.
  4. There you should see your purchase of KSP, and you should have a “download” icon, click it.
  5. Select your language and OS, Get Links!
  6. Download whatever version you want.

How do I get multiple versions of KSP?

PSA: You can have multiple versions of KSP going on steam as long as you copy the files to a different place and than rename them through “add a non-Steam game”

How do you change KSP version?

Go to: Buy>Sign In>My Account>Download>Pick the version you want.

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What is the best KSP version for mods?

The best KSP mods are:

  • MechJeb 2.
  • kOS.
  • Kerbal Engineer Redux.
  • Kerbal Interstellar Extended.
  • Kerbal Attachment System.
  • Docking Port Alignment Indicator.
  • Environmental Visual Enhancements.
  • B9 Aerospece.

What is the current KSP version?

Hi, KSP version 1.0. 3 is now live! This revision brings several much-needed bugfixes and improvements, as well as a few new parts. Kerbal Space Program Gamer’s Edition is now available!

How do I download and install Kerbal space program?

How to Install KSP Mods

  1. Once you’ve found one you want to try, download the file. It will most likely have a . …
  2. Once it’s downloaded, locate your new file and unzip it. …
  3. Locate your KSP folder on your computer. …
  4. In your KSP folder, open the GameData folder. …
  5. That’s all there is to it.

How do I create an instance in KSP?

When you get to “New KSP Instance” you can click “Add instance to CKAN” instead of “Clone or fake new instance”. Just make sure you’ve got a new folder made and you’re good to go. It will copy the entire base game into the folder so you will have no conflict or issues at all.

How do I get an older version of a steam game?

How to switch to old branch versions:

  1. Go to your Steam Library and select your game of choice.
  2. Right-click and select Properties.
  3. Under the “BETAS” tab.
  4. Enter the relevant code retrieved from Paradox Plaza and click “CHECK CODE”.
  5. Select the version you wish to play and wait for Steam launcher to finalize the switch.
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How do I add KSP to steam?

In Steam, go to your library and right click on Kerbal>>Properties>>Local Files>>Browse Local Files.

Here’s how to install mods for Kerbal Space Program:

  1. Ensure you have Kerbal Space Program. …
  2. Choose a mod and download it. …
  3. Add the mod to the game.
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