How do I transfer fuel between ships in KSP?

Once your vessels are docked, right click the source and the destination tanks while holding Alt, and use the In/Out buttons to transfer fuel as needed. If docking the two vessels is impractical, you can use a small rover or spaceship to move the fuel.

How do you transfer fuel in KSP ps4?

Circle button while hovering over a fuel tank will cause that tank’s menu to pop up and in the top right corner there is a small square widget. Clicking (X) the widget pins the fuel tank menu to the screen, allowing you to hit circle over another connected tank and then select whether you want to pump fuel in or out.

Can you transfer monopropellant KSP?

yes you can. well said. How do you transfer monopropellant from one tank to another?

How do you transfer ores in KSP?

Yes, you can transfer ore between two different docked crafts. Hold alt and right-click each of the tanks/containers you want involved in the transfer, then click the ‘out’ or ‘in’ buttons on the appropriate tanks/containers.

How do you unlock fuel transfer in KSP?

1 Answer. With the latest update, 0.90, fuel transfer is no longer available by default in Career mode. Instead, it must be unlocked by upgrading the Research Facility.

How do you crossfeed fuel in KSP?

Fuel crossfeed can be disabled on any capable part via the right-click menu. Another way to transfer resources is using a separate part.

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