How do you deploy a fighter in Elite Dangerous?

To carry Ship-Launched Fighters, a ship must be fitted with a Fighter Hangar (where permitted), which is then equipped with fighters, both of which are done in the Outfitting section of a station (where available). Destroyed fighters can be restocked at a station with the rearm function.

Can I fly my own fighter elite dangerous?

When you launch a fighter (done via the #3 (bottom) panel that used to be just for SRVs), you can select either to have your crewmember fly it or you can fly it yourself.

Which ships can launch fighters elite?

Ships that can equip a Fighter Hangar include:

  • Alliance Crusader (Class 5-6)
  • Anaconda (Class 5-7)
  • Beluga Liner (Class 5-6)
  • Federal Corvette (Class 5-7)
  • Federal Gunship (Class 5-6)
  • Imperial Cutter (Class 5-7)
  • Keelback (Class 5)
  • Krait MkII (Class 5-6)

How do I run a SLF file?

All SLF’s are launched using the roles panel (Panel #3, located between your legs).

Deploying Fighters

  1. Outside of multicrew, only one SLF may be deployed at a time, even if you have two fighters in your bay.
  2. If inside multicrew, one player can fly an SLF while you can deploy your AI crew in the other fighter.

How does combat work in elite dangerous?

The objective in combat – unsurprisingly – is to keep your target in front of you at all times so that you can keep your weapons firing into the ship’s shields and hull. Should you find your target slipping away from you, simply re-angle your ship until your target is front and centre once more.

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Are fighter hangars worth it?

It can help burn down heavier targets, but anything smaller than your typical heavy combat ship and you’ll have it destroyed before the fighter can really help. If you’re sitting in a single instance (like REZ farming), it’s not bad to have. If you have the spare slot and don’t need armor or something else, go for it.

Is the Keelback a good ship?

The TLDR is, the Keelback was quite a surprise. It’s a very strong Passenger/Cargo ship and a decent Bounty Hunter, about equal to an AspX for in-bubble work. It costs less A-Rated than a bare AspX hull. … I A-Rated the entire ship, which came to around 6 million CR for everything – including the Keelback itself.

Can Python have fighters Bay?

The python is already widely considered one of the most, if not the most versatile ship in the game, adding a fighter bay just makes it even more versatile, and makes getting any of the ships it was hoping to make more viable completely useless.

Can the ASP Explorer have a fighter Bay?

Asp isn’t big enough in the right places for the fighter bay. The Keelback is only just big enough, but it will make a reasonable explorer+fighter.

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