How do you get a weapon to level 10 in me3?

Shepard will need to find the weapon they want to upgrade, then purchase the upgrade to boost base stats. The cost starts fairly low at around 1,000 credits, then increases to 10,000 for the fifth and final available upgrade. In New Game+, upgrades can be purchased up to Level 10, which costs about 35,000 credits.

How do you get a level 10 weapon in Mass Effect 3?

3 Answers. To get to level 10 with a weapon, you need to complete the game then import your character on a new playthrough, where you will be able to buy/collect the remaining upgrades.

What weapons should I upgrade me3?

10 Best Weapons In Mass Effect 3

  • 4 M-99 Saber Does Serious Damage In Its Class.
  • 5 M-96 Mattock Is A Classic Butt-Kicking Tool. …
  • 6 The Balance Of The M-15 Vindicator Is Clutch. …
  • 7 M-25 Hornet Shreds Enemies. …
  • 8 Geth Pulse Rifle Is A Literal Heavy Hitter. …
  • 9 Get An M-300 Claymore. …
  • 10 M-5 Phalanx Balances Power And Accuracy. …

How do you hijack Atlas mech?

All you need to do is keep shooting the cockpit until the yellow Armor bar drops to about the about half way point. At this point the cockpit glass will shatter. Line up a shot that targets the pilot, preferably in the head, and you can kill him, leaving the mech vulnerable.

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How do you get more money in ME3?

Mass Effect 3 makes it a lot easier to farm Credits. Simply load up the Citadel DLC and play the Armax Arsenal Arena. Earn 6,000 Points and you can redeem the tokens for 10,000 Credits among other prizes. The Arena can be replayed infinitely, allowing you to farm as much as you’d like.

How do you upgrade your weapon to level 10?

To keep upgrading the weapon, you need to import your saved Mass Effect 3 character that has completed the game already. The game will then allow you to upgrade your weapons to level 10. To upgrade a weapon head down to the Shuttle Bay and look for the Upgrade Terminal.

Can I Romance Liara in Mass Effect 2?

Mass Effect 2’s Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC is where the majority of your Romantic interactions with Liara will take place. … The scene in Shepard’s Cabin is considered to be a Romance Scene for Liara, and you’ll once again be Locked In with her if you choose “Happily ever after” if it shows up.

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