How do you get Zaeed loyalty in Mass Effect 2?

Zaeed Loyal: Shepard chose to save the refinery and workers, and Vido escapes. With a high enough Paragon score, Shepard then uses the Charm dialogue option to convince Zaeed to put his grudge aside for another time, securing his Loyalty.

How do I get Zaeed loyalty?

Zaeed shoots a pipe impulsively which starts a fire. You can either save the people of the refinery or chase Vido. The correct way to end the mission is by saving the people and then using the charm option to convince Zaeed. This will get you Zaeed’s loyalty but for this, you need to have a high Paragon score.

How do you get Zaeed in Mass Effect 2?

Zaeed can be found in Omega. Once you walk off the Normandy the first time, you get that cutscene with Aria’s messenger and that poor weird salarian, and then once that’s over you can walk down the hall and Zaeed will be bullying some poor delinquent against the wall. Talk to him, and that’ll initiate his recruitment.

How do you get the best ending in Mass Effect 2?

How to get the best Mass Effect 2 ending

  1. Buy all defensive and offensive upgrades.
  2. Before you start the Act 2 Reaper IFF mission, recruit all crew members except Legion and complete their loyalty missions.
  3. Recruit Legion in the Act 2 Reaper IFF mission, then complete their loyalty mission immediately.
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What is the best heavy weapon Mass Effect 2?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition: 10 Best Heavy Weapons

  • 10 M-100 Grenade Launcher.
  • 9 M-451 Firestorm.
  • 8 M-490 Blackstorm.
  • 7 Collector Particle Beam.
  • 6 Reaper Blackstar.
  • 5 Geth Spitfire.
  • 4 M-920 Cain.
  • 3 Arc Projector.

What happens in Mass Effect 3 if Shepard dies in 2?

Mass Effect 3, as with the rest of the trilogy, is Shepard’s story. If you have a dead Shepard at the end of Mass Effect 2, that saved game won’t import into Mass Effect 3. You can play Mass Effect 3 if you died in Mass Effect 2 of course, but you’ll have to create a new Shepard.

Should I destroy the collector base me2?

When it comes to the Collector Base, however, destroying it is actually the Paragon route and will net players some Paragon points. Likewise, keeping the base will get you Renegade points.

Do you need Zaeed’s loyalty?

Zaeed is one of two DLC companions Mass effect 2, And he has a loyalty mission to complete the Shepherd, which is a bit different from the personal missions of other squads. Loyalty missions are optional, but help each character fully commit to the shepherd’s purpose, Endgame suicide mission..

Is zaeed a DLC?

Zaeed – The Price of Revenge is a DLC pack for Mass Effect 2 that was released on January 28, 2010.

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