How do you increase Paragon Mass Effect?

You can choose from either a Paragon or Renegade dialogue option if you have at least 5 points in charm and/or intimidate. Choosing either of these options will give you a reward of 24 Paragon or 25 Renegade points respectively. The conversation will end but you can talk to him again.

Can you max out paragon and renegade?

Outside of exploits, its impossible to max both paragon and renegade in ME2 or 3, but you can max the skills in ME1 via new game +. Currently, there are no known ways to max both in ME3, but it becomes less necessary as in ME3 your total rep can contribute to speech unlock checks rather than individual levels.

How can I get unlimited Paragon points?

To use the infinite Paragon/Renegade point exploit in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Shepard must get Lorik to testify against Anoleis, then keep asking him to do so to continue earning morality points.

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Is it better to be paragon or renegade in Mass Effect?

Being Paragon or Renegade will greatly impact Shepard’s dialogue and quick-time actions throughout the games. Overall, it can be said that Renegade Shepard’s dialogue is much funnier and more memorable. After all, Paragon Shepard is patient and kind which leaves little room for “creativity”.

How do you get 100 Paragon in me2?

You need to have the correct class specialisation. There you have to choose the one which gives you the 100% paragon/renegeade score. The other one gives you only 80% with which you can’t do the Miranda/Jack catfight scene, out-evil Morinth or get Zaeed even if you choose the paragon route.

Does Paragon or Renegade matter in ME3?

In Mass Effect 3, whenever there’s a mission with no major decision, you will get Reputation points that add to your overall score but don’t carry a Paragon or Renegade flavor. The bar on your screen will grow, but the Paragon/Renegade ratio will remain unchanged.

How much Paragon do you need for feros?

You’ll need 13 points in order to have the Feros Colony survive. While it’s not strictly required, you’ll have a far better chance of saving the Colony if you have either 12 Charm Points or 10 Intimidate Points, thanks to a decision you have to make towards the end of the level.

How much Paragon do you need to save Wrex?

To do this, Shepard needs to have a high Paragon or Renegade score and at least 8 points in either the Charm or Intimidate skill. Both options persuade Wrex that Saren doesn’t care about the krogan and sees them as tools or puppets to be destroyed later once they serve his purposes.

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How do you get full Paragon in Mass Effect 1?

Fans playing any version of “Mass Effect 1,” including the one in “Mass Effect: Legendary Edition,” can get all the Paragon and Renegade points they want through an exploit on Lorik Qui’in when they are in Port Hanshan on Noveria. Players need to have five Charm points or five Intimidate points in the Squad Menu.

How do you get paragon?

You earn Paragon Points just by logging into the game each day. For each consecutive day you log into the game, you will be rewarded with an increasing number of Paragon Points. The longer your run, the more Points you can earn.

How do you earn Paragon points?

Every point of experience you earn after you hit level 70 on a character goes towards raising your Paragon levels, and once those levels are raised, they’ll apply equally to all the characters on your account.

Is renegade evil in Mass Effect?

Renegade isn’t evil. It’s efficient. Unless you’re playing Mass Effect 1. In which case literally all your decisions cost you war assets.

What is the best military specialization in Mass Effect?

The Commando specialization makes the best weapons in the Mass Effect series even better by upping their damage output. What’s more, you can enhance your Marksman and Assassination skills, too.

Should you play Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

It’s absolutely worth it. Played on PC with code provided by the publisher. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a fantastic remaster of an already fantastic trilogy that’s well worth the money.

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