How do you keep Mordin alive in ME2?

In order to keep Mordin alive, you need to have 1) Not saved Maelon’s data in ME2, and 2) Urdnot Wreav must be the leader of the Krogans (that is, Wrex must have died on Virmire in ME1).

Can Mordin survive ME2?

If you want to save both Wrex and Mordin, it is not possible and will result to both of them dying in Mass Effect 3’s events. … With that said and done, we jump to Mass Effect 3 and the mission Priority: Tuchanka, where things will finally unfold. Before the mission even begins, you will be contacted by Dalatrass.

How did Mordin die in ME2?

In short, Grunt died because he wasn’t loyal (NEVER assign a specialized duty to an unloyal team member) and Mordin died because there weren’t enough heavy defenders at the line (I’m guessing you took either one or both of Garrus and Zaeed into the final battle).

What happens in me3 if Mordin dies in ME2?

According to this forum thread, nothing really changes: You really do get Not-Mordin. Another Salarian, I forget his name but Joker makes a joke by calling him Not-Mordin. Mordin happened to be the only person not to live in my file at the end of Mass Effect 2.

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Can I cure the Genophage without Mordin?

If Shepard chooses to use the Crucible for the synthesis of organic and synthetic life, the genophage is cured regardless of whether Mordin or Padok released a cure on Tuchanka.

Should I sabotage the cure me3?

There’s no right or wrong answer as to whether the Genophage should be cured. However, Wrex (or Wreav) is convinced that curing it is required to complete the treaty between the krogan and the turians, and Shepard learns early on that the Shroud was sabotaged to prevent any dispersal of the cure.

What happens if I don’t cure the Genophage?

Furthermore, if you did not cure the genophage, Wrex will eventually find out and confront you during Priority: The Citadel III, leading to his death and a diminishing of the krogan’s military strength. If Wreav is the Urdnot leader, he never discovers the deception.

Should I destroy the collector base ME2?

When it comes to the Collector Base, however, destroying it is actually the Paragon route and will net players some Paragon points. Likewise, keeping the base will get you Renegade points.

Why does Mordin have to die?

Normally, he can be talked out of it, but in order to save Mordin, Wrex has to die. Killing him ensures that he does not become the leader of clan Urdnot in Mass Effect 2 and the position will instead go to his brother, Wreav.

Why did Tali die Mass Effect 2?

Tali can die if Shepard fails to complete her loyalty mission and by assigning her to a position that requires high defenses or with a wrongful squad combination. Tali plays a much larger role in Mass Effect 3 than she does in either of the other games.

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