How do you look around in elite dangerous?

Middle mouse button to toggle mouse look. If you toggle it off, your view will automatically center.

How do I look around my cockpit in elite dangerous?

To rebind, as skip intro said, just go into options, find the ‘free look’ command, click the input and then press the button you want to map it to on your joystick. The game should confirm which button you’ve pressed.

Can you free look in elite dangerous?

Free look is bound to clicking the right analog stick down.

How do you toggle Headlook elite dangerous?

To change to toggle mode goto the control settings and look in the mode switch settings, not headlook and at the bottom of the nested options is the headlook button bind, change it or leave it as R3 then press triangle to bring up the option to toggle it.

How do I activate free look?


  1. go to settings.
  2. click experimental branch on the bottom right.
  3. in the textbox under the button type “freelook” (without the quotes)
  4. Luanch and you now have free look!

How do you look around on a keyboard?

Looking around with Keyboard

You can use the arrow keys by themselves to freely look around in the first person view. You can also use the ctrl button plus the arrow keys to look out both sides of the plane, above and behind you.

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How do you move the camera in DCs?

Left Alt-C when in cockpit to toggle mouselook. Holding Middle-click should move the camera Laterally and up and down when in this mode too.

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