How do you melt down ships in Star Citizen?

Can your ship be destroyed in Star Citizen?

Pilots in Star Citizen will be able purchase insurance policies in-game for their fleet. This ensures that your ship will be replaced should it be destroyed or stolen. … At this time, it requires no upkeep or fee for players to acquire basic ship loss coverage.

Can you melt a Warbond ship?

1- Since you bought the MT as a standalone warbond, and if you melt it, for exemple you gift it from your 3rd account to your main account, then you melt it on your main account, YES it will be the same price when you will buy it back (unless you had a coupon when you bought it in the first place, in that case you will …

Can you melt CCU?

You can still melt it and buy it back with 100% real cash if you want it to be giftable again. Edit : on a side note a ship purchased with 100% real cash, thus giftable, and upgraded with CCU bought with store credit is still giftable.

Can I get my money back from Star Citizen?

All incorrect purchases are eligible for a refund as long as the request is made within 30 days after the order was placed. For item purchases (e.g., ships), if you go beyond the 30-day grace period, the only way to get a refund is to convert the money into Store Credit.

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Can I sell my Star Citizen ship?

Because of virtual space ships. Star Citizen’s “in-universe” store sells many ships for use in the game. They range in price. … While the official shop lets players buy ships from Cloud Imperium Games, players can’t officially sell ships to each other.

What happens if you crash your ship Star Citizen?

Not that Star Citizen has needed security up to this point, really: if your ship is destroyed or stolen, you can just spawn a replacement without any penalty. … Of course, your ship will get blown up at some point, which is where the insurance comes in.

Can I upgrade a Warbond ship?

Our Warbond Upgrades offer not only the ability to change your ship, but to upgrade the insurance within it. These upgrades are normally limited and will state the additional insurance that will be included. All additional pledge items will remain the same.

What is Warbond edition?

Warbond is a term, denoting a shop-item (until now vehicles) which cannot be bought with Store Credits. It is basically a discount on the standard price of an item, only applied if you purchase it with new/real money.

What is a star citizen Warbond?

We sometimes offer pledges via the store that we have dubbed Warbond pledges (or WB for short). These are special promotions offered through the year that may include a price discount or special items, like extended insurance plans or special ship skins.

How does Star Citizen buy back work?

When you buy back a pledge, you are buying the original pledge. If you upgraded the ship before reclaiming (or melting), those upgrades were stripped away and must be reacquired separately. When you buy it back, you won’t receive the upgraded ship. Only one pledge may be bought back at a time.

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Can you CCU with store credit?

Notes on using Store Credit on the Pledge Store: Store Credit cannot be applied to Warbond pledges (these are cash only). You can acquire non-Warbond pledges fully or partially with store credit. Any pledges made with store credit are non-giftable.

What is a buyback token Star Citizen?

Each quarter, a new Buy Back Token will be distributed to your account, providing you with an opportunity to reclaim a ship that you had melted previously using store credit. As a reminder, Buy Back Tokens do not roll over or stack, so if you plan on using one, make sure to do so in the designated quarter.

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