How do you store data in KSP?

For Experiments, your scientists can right click and gather data, then restore the experiment for use again. Once you go back into the pod the data will be stored there. For things like crew reports, you have to get out of the pod, right click it and Take Data, Then Right Click and Store Data.

How many experiments can you store KSP?

The first says you can only store one experimental result per experiment per situation, e.g. only one crew report when landed on solid ground. The second suggests that it’s actually one result per experiment per situation per biome, e.g. one landed crew report from grasslands and one from shores.

How do you collect data in KSP?

right click on each science part with a kerbal and select option collect data, so at this point you can detach those parts and have all science data inside your main capsule.

How do I transfer science in KSP?

If you’re close enough, there’s a “take science” option which will load all science onto your kerbal, who can then board a different pod where said science will be subsequently auto-stored as usual.

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How do you store science projects in KSP?

Experiment storage by

The Experiment Storage Unit is used by Kerbals and unmanned probes to store science experiments. These can be stored until they are transmitted or brought back to Kerbin. In career mode, it is available with Basic Science, at level 4 of the technology tree.

How do you use cargo in KSP?

The cargo bays all have a “deploy” slider in their context menus. It controls how far the bay doors open. To open and close the doors, right-click the cargo bay, and push the Open/Close button.

How do I ground sample KSP?

You need an upgrade to the science facility to perform surface samples. If you right click on the building and hover over the ‘upgrade’ button, it will tell you what the upgraded building will do once you buy it.

How do you cheat in Kerbal space program?

Press ALT+F12 to access the debug console, which you can use to enjoy unlimited fuel, unbreakable joints, and other helpful perks.

How do I transfer fuel between ships in KSP?

Once your vessels are docked, right click the source and the destination tanks while holding Alt, and use the In/Out buttons to transfer fuel as needed. If docking the two vessels is impractical, you can use a small rover or spaceship to move the fuel.

What does cleaning experiments do in KSP?

Answer: Clean experiments shows up as an option on the lab itself only after the experiments have been rendered inoperable by transmitting or going on EVA and collecting the data.

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