How do you transport ships in EVE Online?

Get in the ship and fly it there. You can fly there in your pod to pick it up if you don’t have any expensive implants in, or you can use a free rookie ship to fly there and then just leave the rookie ship behind. You can repackage the ship and move it there in the cargohold of a hauler ship.

How do I transport multiple ships in EVE Online?

You could also create a courier mission in the Missions tab on the right hand staton services panel, another player will hopefuly then pick up your stuff for you and deliver it to your new station. To move several ships in one go there’s really just one possibility. Fitting them into one larger ships.

How do I move ships in EVE echoes?

right click on your ship(once docked) and pick “Leave Ship” and you`ll be in your pod. IF you can fly an Industrial Ship, repacking your ships and put it in your hold is the best way though.

What is a fleet hangar?

Fleet Hangars (used to be called “corp hangars”) are a type of specialized ship bay that the pilot can allow other pilots in the fleet or the same corp, access to. Like all regular cargoholds, they cannot hold assembled ships, but can hold packaged ships.

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What happens when you repackage a ship in EVE?

If you repackage a ship all of it’s modules will be unfit and placed in your item hangar and your rigs will be permanently lost. Any insurance that you have on the ship will also be lost. You can ship it there in the ship maintenance bay of a ship designed to carry other assembled and fully fit ships.

Does repackaging destroy rigs?

Yes, repackaging will destroy your rigs, and automatically strip all the leftover fitted mods. (Non-rigs modules are not destroyed.) There is no way to repackage a ship without losing the rigs. The only way to transport them is in a carrier or in the ship bay of an Orca.

How do you make ISK Eve echoes?

Head into “Menu” and then tap the “Logistics” tab. You’ll see this area that allows you to move items for players from one station to another, and doing so will earn you ISK.

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