How many parachutes do I need KSP?

Jettison your tanks and you usually don’t have to worry about weight too much; 3 parachutes is generally enough to land at 5m/s.

Do more parachutes slow you down more KSP?

Parachutes are used on bodies with atmospheres such as Kerbin and Eve to slow the craft for a landing. The deceleration depends on both the mass of the craft and the density of the atmosphere. … On the other hand, a heavier parachute part generates more drag than a lighter parachute.

Are parachutes reusable KSP?

You definitely can, but it’ll only work through staging once so it’s advisable to set your chutes to an action group. You also need an EVA’d kerbal, but all you do is right-click the chute and click “Repack Chute” when your Kerbal is nearby (same as taking data from science parts).

How many parachutes do I need for Duna?

On Kerbin you need 1 regular chute for ~1.7t. If you have 8.. 12m/s engines on your bottom, you might be just fine with 1 chute for 2t. On Duna you need just the same.

When should I deploy my parachute KSP?

aim for slightly east when you launch, so you’ll have a smooth ballistic trajectory instead of a free fall. (warning, just for testing) put your parachute in the first stage (the same as your main booster), it should deploy automatically when you launch.

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Do parachutes work on JOOL?

Parachutes work very effectively in Jool’s dense atmosphere. However, even without parachutes, a craft can reach a relatively low speed, depending on the shape of the ship, as well as its mass. Jool has no solid surface to land on; descending spacecraft will explode when they reach the altitude of -250 m.

Can engineers repack parachutes KSP?

Engineers can repair broken parts with repair kits and repack parachutes.

Can you recover boosters KSP?

A tested solution is to position two symmetrical Mk12-R Radial-Mount Drogue Chutes on your second stage booster, and another two symmetrical Mk2-R Radial-Mount Parachutes in a perpendicular fashion. … This will allow for letting the booster descend safely so you can recover it.

How do you end a flight in KSP?

If your vessel isn’t moving, put your mouse cursor over the altimeter at the top middle of the screen while in the flight screen. The altimeter will slide down and a “recover vessel button” will be there. Pressing the button will recover the vehicle and you will then be returned to the space center.

Can I use parachutes on Duna?

Parachutes work very well on Duna, though of not quite as well as Kerbin, so don’t rely on purely Kerbin testing – over design your Duna lander.

What is spread angle in KSP?

Spread angle is probably how much the parachutes spread out upon activating.

Why won’t my parachute open in KSP?

The parachute has a “Min Pressure” setting which you can adjust by right-clicking on it. The parachute won’t open unless the atmospheric pressure is higher than this.

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What altitude do you deploy parachute KSP?

The default . 04 partial deployment pressure corresponds to an altitude of around 17000 meters on Kerbin. At that altitude a parachute will have almost no effect, and your craft will probably continue to accelerate down to an altitude of 10000 meters – usually destroying your parachute.

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