How much is the hurricane Star Citizen?

Original US$175
Warbond US$185
Original US$160
Availability Time-limited sales

Is Star Citizen 3.9 out yet?

Star Citizen Patch 3.9. … Alpha Patch 3.9. 0 has been released and is now available!

How much does it cost to play Star Citizen?

For now, fans pay $45 for an introductory ship and access to what has been built, and the backers have something in their hands. Calling it a game is a stretch, but that doesn’t stop Roberts.

How much does a ship cost in Star Citizen?


Name Standalone Price ($) Concept sale – Standalone Price ($)
600i Explorer 475.00 435.00
600i Touring 435.00 400.00
85X 50.00 50.00
890 Jump 950.00 600.00

Can you play Star Citizen without spending money?

Is Star Citizen Pay-to-Win? Currently people can purchase ships, weapons, and equipment for real money. … However, at this time, there are items that cannot be purchased without real money.

Does Star Citizen still wipe?

Star Citizen has LTP (Long Term Persistence) and this keeps players in game money and assets between patches. However Star Citizen will wipe from time to time based on it’s development or testing needs.

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Do you have to pay monthly for Star Citizen?

During the development of the game it is only required to purchase (“pledge”) a “game package” or any other higher tier package that contains a “Star Citizen digital download” to play the in-development (alpha version) Star Citizen Alpha universe, there are currently no plans that will require a recurring payment or

Can I play Star Citizen without a ship?

To play the game, you need a so called game package. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying yourself a 50 or 500 dollar ship.

Is it worth buying Star Citizen now?

Obviously, this depends greatly on what kind of a game you want, but assuming you like what Star Citizen is trying to achieve and enjoy space-sims, then the answer to whether the project is worth supporting and whether you can expect to get an entertainment product in return for your money that’s worth the cost, the …

Are star hangers safe?

Safe and Secure

We at Star-Hangar have zero tolerance for such practice, making the protection of our customers our top priority! With years of experience in trading digital goods, Star-Hangar has successfully enabled the transactions of thousands of digital goods worth millions of US dollars.

How many players does Star Citizen have?

In this universe, up to 50 players in a single server may walk through stations, fly their ships, and explore the Stanton system.

Can you rent a caterpillar Star Citizen?

It is commonly used for legitimate commerce, extended search, and rescue missions.


Production state Flight ready Introduced Alpha 2.6.0
Buy 4,686,600 aUEC
Rent (1 day) 93,732 aUEC / 46,866 REC
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Playing into space