How old is John Shepard in Mass Effect?

Shepard was born in the year 2154 and is 29 years old at the beginning of Mass Effect. Shepard’s gender, appearance, and skills are all chosen by the player at the start of the game. The female character is voiced by Jennifer Hale, while the male character is voiced by Mark Meer.

How old is Shepard in Mass Effect?

Commander Shepard is 29 at the start of Mass Effect 1, and furthermore has a canonical birthday per Christina Norman: April 11, 2154. Ashley Williams is 25, born on April 14th, 2158. Kaidan Alenko is the oldest of the human companions at 32, born in 2151.

How old are the characters in Mass Effect?

Most characters I believe are at least in their 30s with the exception of certain Krogan/Asari/Ancient beings. Here are some characters’ ages by the time ME3 begins. Shepard is 32 years old. Miranda is 36.

Is Shepard a cyborg?

Shepard is an Indestructible Cyborg. … By Mass Effect 2, Cerberus has made Shepard pretty much unstoppable. She is barely even human anymore, as the cybernetics glow through her eyes and scars.

How old is Peebee?

Pelessaria B’Sayle, nicknamed Peebee, is an asari member of Ryder’s squad. She is young for an asari, giving her age as “100 and change.” A lone wolf and adventurer at heart, she originally came to Andromeda aboard the Nexus but quickly left and went adventuring on her own before encountering Ryder’s team.

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Is Tali in Mass Effect Andromeda?

Mass Effect Andromeda is taking players on a new journey, one that dives into an entirely new galaxy with a new cast of characters. … Well, bad news for them, because sadly, Tali won’t be a part of Mass Effect Andromeda.

How old is Tali vas?

Tali’Zorah Vas Neema: Age 24. Miranda Lawson: Age 35.

What rank is Shepard?

His actual rank being Lieutenant Commander. I didn’t take this at face value, so I looked into it. I was really surprised to see that he’s referred to as “Lieutenant Commander” on both the Mass Effect Wiki and the normal Wikipedia (check under “Appearances”), as well as on older posts and forums.

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