Is Python good for trading elite dangerous?

Is the python a good trading ship?

The Python is my favourite ship for Void Opal Mining, as it is fast and has decent cargo. Also, it can land on medium sized landing pads at Outposts, which often have better sell prices for Opals, and large ships such as the Type 9 and Anaconda cannot land on.

Can you make money trading in Elite Dangerous?

Trading is one of the most lucrative professions in Elite Dangerous, providing you know how to get started. Shuffling cargo, transporting illegal items via smuggling, and data transport missions are great ways to get started, and missions are offered at pretty much every station you come across.

Is Anaconda good for trading?

The Anaconda has good internals for bulk passenger transport, but only a little better than the T7/Python. If you’re just doing missions and moving cargo then your Python has the medium pad advantage for outposts. Long story short, the Anaconda might not be the upgrade you’re looking for.

Is Python a Multicrew?

Yes, it is true. My beloved Python is the most useless ship for playing in multi crew: – The guns are working best straight forward, so fitting turrets on the Python only to make a gunner happy is a bad idea.

Can you put a fighter Bay in a python?

The Python has only four things that it can’t do. Luxury passengers, fighter hangar, huge weapons and jump range. (And jump range is subjective, as engineers can give it quite the distance.) If it had a fighter bay, nobody would fly anything else.

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What makes the most money in Elite Dangerous?

The easiest way to make money at the beginning of the game is Robigo Ssightseeing missions. They get your about 60 mil per hour within a few hours of starting, then up to 100 mil per hour when yyou can get a shieldless Python.

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