Is the KSP 45 good in warzone?

The KSP 45 is a powerful SMG in Warzone Season 4, which can deal massive amounts of damage to your foes. … Warzone’s integration with Black Ops Cold War back in December 2020 brought a huge meta change to the battle royale. Many new weapons became available, and there plenty of opportunities to try them out in Season 4.

Is the KSP any good?

Admittedly, this KSP is not going to replace your AMAX Warzone loadout any time soon. But it is surprisingly good at long-range in the hands of Metaphor. So if you’re up for a challenge this week in Verdansk and want to humiliate your pals by getting more kills with a dead SMG than their main ARs, look no further.

Can the KSP 45 be automatic?

As of writing, there are no current ways to make the KSP fully automatic, so you are stuck with the three-round burst fire rate.

What gun is the KSP 45 in real life?

The “KSP 45” is a fictional 3-round burst submachine gun. It is primarily based on the Heckler & Koch UMP45 with its boxy design, selector switch style, and similarly shaped rear sight, but takes other design cues from various Cold War-era submachine guns.

Why is the KSP so bad?

It’s a 3-round burst submachine gun. … Submachine guns aren’t built for range, so the KSP isn’t great for any long-range shooting. However, the burst function also makes it bad in close quarters. That means there is no situation where the KSP 45 excels at all.

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Is the KSP 45 good in Cold War?

The KSP 45 is a unique submachine gun, thanks to its burst firing mechanism. With Season 5 in its early stages, the SMG is still one of the strongest to use in Black Ops Cold War. The firing mechanism combined with extremely high damage output and low recoil means the KSP excels in most close-range scenarios.

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